Everything You Need to Know about Montana Speed Spray Paint

MTN Speed is Montana Colors' high-pressure spray paint designed for those specialized writers looking for fast even coverage and a highly agile performing spray paint. As with the Montana Colors Mega 600ml spray cans, MTN Speed’s limited color range isn't as wide as say MTN 94 or Montana Hardcore. This is actually intentional and makes sense when you consider Montana Speed’s unique performance that makes it an extremely effective tool.


 MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet

About Montana Colors Speed Spray Paint 

The paint formula that Montana Colors Speed spray cans are filled with is a matte-finish aerosol paint with amazing opaque coverage. Montana Speed’s limited color range of 25 colors was designed specifically so that it can be grouped in pairs, with the exception of: blues – 4 shades, greens – 3 shades, and a single yellow and single red shade. When viewing the color range from the perspective of pairing and color combinations, it’s specifically designed range offers an extremely wide range of options.

What is even more unique about MTN Speed colors, unlike MTN Mega spray cans, is that they have been formulated exclusively for the Montana Speed line of aerosol spray paints!  This is also why all of the colors have their own names and color codes. Not only does this expand the overall color range of the entire MTN colors line, but these specific Montana Speed colors have been designed, one by one, to offer the absolute maximum opacity while providing an attractive and useful range of shades despite only being 25 colors deep.

When writers first use MTN Speed, many times they are surprised at how well the paint covers. Even with Yellow, Mojito Green and the two oranges in the line being the most transparent colors (as expected) they cover infinitely better than comparison colors in other lines and brands. When looking at the entire line together, you will see that all of the tones have impeccable covering capacity, with the violets and blues being almost shockingly opaque.


MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet

MTN Colors Speed Spray Paint Performance

As is normal with high pressure spray paint, MTN Speed spray cans allows for a greater quantity of paint inside, precisely enough paint to fill a 32 square foot  surface area using the Montana Universal Skinny Spray Cap. What is even more incredible is that its unique paint formula properties allow MTN Speed to cover an even larger 43 square foot surface area when using the Pink Fat spray cap that comes with MTN Speed spray cans!! This is extremely unique to Montana Speed as most high pressure and low pressure spray paints generally tend to decrease their performance when using fat spray caps.


 MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet

Montana Speed Paint Drying Times

Another unique property of the MTN Speed paint formula is its ultrafast drying times, which really could not be any faster! With a waiting period of ONLY 2 seconds, you can repaint over top, even with a different color, and will not cause the paint to run or the underlying first Speed Paint application to dissolve. If by chance you are spraying Montana Speed under a 1 second drying period, a slight mixture between the two colors can occur – which can create a unique finish / blend effect.


 MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet

Using MTN Speed Spray Paint With Different Spray Caps

It’s not usually the case that a spray paint, no matter the pressure difference, can cause caps to function in a unique way with that spray paint, but sometimes it does happen. In the case of MTN Speed, generally, the caps respond similarly to the way that they do when used with Montana Hardcore or MTN 94, just slightly faster. That being said, there are three caps that we have noticed a much more pronounced, unique performance when used with Montana Speed Spray Cans:

 MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet - Astro Fat Spray Cap

  • MTN Speed and Astro Fat Spray Cap: 
    The unique paint formula and high pressure of MTN Speed when used with the Astro Fat Spray Cap translates into an extremely large spray pattern. It’s practically as wide as you can get with the MTN Mega Colors while using a Hardcore Fat Cap, but with a more controllable can size and weight.


MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet - Needle Spray Cap

  • MTN Speed and Needle Spray Cap:
    When using the Needle Spray Cap with Montana Speed cans, this paint projecting spray cap allows the MTN Speed cans to shoot up to 50cm in spray distance. This is far and above the distance when using the Needle Spray Cap with MTN Hardcore or MTN 94 spray cans.


MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet - Skinny Universal Spray Cap

  • MTN Speed and Skinny Universal Spray Cap:
    If you need skinny lines with MTN Speed, this is probably the most suited spray cap. The Skinny Universal Spray Cap allows for a defined, uniform outline with MTN Speed. However, it is good to know that if the can is almost finished, the thickness of the line can slightly decrease. 


MTN Speed Spray Paint available on Spray Planet

The Montana Colors Speed Spray Can Design

While it may be one of the least important features, there is a reason behind Montana Colors’ branding of the line as “Speed”. MTN Speed was created for a specific use case, and despite being one of the newest member of the Montana Colors family, it’s product position as a symbol of attitude is being cemented. From the recognizable MTN Speed logo (a Fat Cap tag executed by the Barcelona writer, Sawe) with its characteristic flares – the goal was to give the line branding a street, yet elegant aesthetic.   


If you are not familiar with MTN Speed, you might want to try it now. It’s 400ml format, unique paint formula and high quality components make MTN Speed one of the best and distinctive performers in its class on the market. It is a tool with technical characteristics that offer a series of advantages for high speed uses.  


Potential MTN Speed Negatives: Limited color line for many artists.
Potential MTN Speed Positives: Superfast drying time and high opacity for better coverage.


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April 01, 2020

I have purchased from you guys great service. My question is when will you have the MTN speed line for purchase I really would like to try out these cans live the 94 for my characters, pieces, murals Hardcore for the colors just want to try something for bombing and throw ups.

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