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LE Spray Can

Since mid-1980's SABE has been painting constantly. This focus and growth of his craft has translated to Sabe earning a place as one of more important writers in contemporary graffiti. His work has covered decades of style, continually pushing the boundaries of letter form, application and piece work. His idiosyncratic approach to letters emerged from traditional wildstyle, frequently visible in his graffiti on both trains and walls. In parallel to developing his piecing style, SABE also created one of the most recognizable throw-ups, which he has utilized while hardcore bombing around the world. SABE is a living legend, not only in Denmark but also in the international graffiti scene.

*Limit 2 cans per customer.

  • MTN 94 Spray Paint
  • 400ml size
  • Low Pressure can
  • Comes with a pocket cap