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TAKI 183


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TAKI 183
LE Spray Can

Known by graffiti artists, fans and historians worldwide TAKI 183 has cemented his place as one of most well known graffiti artists ever. Growing up on 183rd Street in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, TAKI started writing his name as a teenager in 1969. TAKI's name originates from a common Greek addition at the end of boy's names. He then added his street (183) to his name following the style of wall writers of the day.

In the summer of 1970, TAKI 183 started working as a messenger, which took him all over the city. Instead of taking taxis to deliver messages, he pocketed the fare provided by his employer, and walked to his destinations. Along the way he would write everywhere. This unique set of circumstances made TAKI 183 the first graffiti writer to go “all-city.” TAKI's simple signature was all over New York and captured the attention of a reporter. That lead to an article published in 1971 in The New York Times making TAKI the first famous New Yorker graffiti writer. 

A worldwide legend, TAKI 183 is considered one of the forefathers of the graffiti movement.

*Limit 2 cans per customer.

  • MTN 94 Spray Paint
  • 400ml size
  • Low Pressure can
  • Comes with a pocket cap