Montana Colors or MTN Colors

Montana Colors - A History of Graffiti and Art Supplies

While Montana Colors - the spray paint / graffiti supply company was founded in 1994, the inspiration goes back to 1987. The founder of MTN Colors, Jordi, saw his first graffiti mural in Barcelona and that image was seared into his mind. Montana Colors grew and continued to evolve, developing new colors, introducing the infamous spray can color donut. During this period other foreign brands tried to acquire Montana Colors / MTN Colors but after being rebuffed - created their own brand to confuse the market. Even though this deceptive business practice caused some confusion in the market, Montana Colors / MTN Colors has persevered and maintained it's position as the original graffiti artist spray paint / supply manufacturer. Highly sought after worldwide, today Montana Colors / MTN Colors has a wide range of product lines from multiple lines of high end spray paint, to eco-friendly artist materials, to markers and accessories. Most recently Montana Colors / MTN Colors opened a USA warehouse and direct to consumer website store at

Montana Colors or MTN Colors?

We get this question all the time. Is it MTN Colors or Montana Colors? The answer is - BOTH! Montana Colors originally started out being called just “Montana”. Due to some underhanded business tactics by a German Multinational Corporation that has tried to deceive the market by utilizing the name Montana to confuse customers, Montana Colors made some adjustments to the name to better clarify. These changes include usage of "MTN" and the word "Colors" after either MTN or Montana. So if you are questioning whether you are using the original Montana
graffiti supply brand, just look for MTN Colors or Montana Colors. Anything else is an imitation.

MTN Colors is Spray Planet is Montana Colors

In 2015 Montana Colors wanted to better serve the graffiti art, street art, and fine art markets in the USA. Distribution to traditional retailers was good but not perfect. To better serve our customer base and ensure constant supply in the United States, MTN Colors / Montana Colors developed Spray Planet ( as the official online retailer of Montana Colors Spray Paint, Paint Markers, Ink Markers, Spray Caps and Accessories. Since the launch of Spray Planet, USA fans of Montana Colors products can purchase them any time knowing that their order will be filled within 24 orders business days. Order Montana Colors products from Spray Planet today!

Spray Planet Customer Testimonials

Don’t take it from us! There is a reason why Montana Colors brand Spray Paint artist products are consistently ranked the best in the world. Below are actual customer testimonials and reviews for Montana Colors Products and Spray Planet service!  

Been With You guys right from the launch and always have been taken care of in a precise manner. 5 out of 5.

- Rene

Awesome prices, amazingly friendly customer service, a warehouse that is always stocked and free stickers with any order! 

- Tyson

I just received my shipment of MTN 94's and I could not be happier! You made it so easy and flawless for us to get started. 

- Matt

Montana Colors is Graffiti Art

Graffiti and Street Art is in our roots. Our whole reason for existence goes back to the first time Montana Colors founder, Jordi saw his first Graffiti Mural in 1987. That mural combined with his experience in the spray paint industry lead Jordi to identify a need for spray paint designed for artist use which lead to the founding of Montana Colors. Not only did Jordi create a world reknown art supply company but around Montana Colors he created an entire industry that now spans the globe.

From its founding, Montana Colors has continually supported Graffiti and the artists pouring their blood, sweat and in some cases freedom into their work. From sponsoring early Graffiti Jams in Barcelona, to working with the biggest names in Graffiti - MTN Colors is embedded into the culture.

Montana Colors is Street Art & Mural Art

When you develop the high quality set of tools that Montana Colors has, even though originally designed for Graffiti Artists, it is inevitable that other uses of these tools and art supplies will be found. As Graffiti, Street Art and Mural Art has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, Montana Colors has been right there along the way. Because Montana Colors obsessively focuses on the highest quality production of their Spray Paint, Markers, Spray Caps, Pigments, Accessories the brand and its products have become synonymous with any type of art utilizing spray paint. Montana Colors is the gold standard.

As a global brand Montana Colors has evolved to support street artists and muralists worldwide because MTN Colors products makes their work easier and better. Some of the artists that work closely with Montana Colors include: (need a list of higher profile street artists). IN addition to working side by side with some of the biggest Street Artists and Muralists, Montana Colors does its best to support world class mural events and projects on every continent. Some of the most recent events MTN Colors has supported or sponsored include: (need a list of street art events /projects). Whether its a Street Artist, Muralist or Street Art Event, they all know to get a job done right, you reach for Montana Colors products.

Montana Colors is Fine Art & Crafts

More recently a lot of interest has been shown for Montana Colors Paints, Markers, Spray Caps and accessories by fine artists and craft artists. This interest ranges from mixed media artists, to contemporary artists to sculptors to DIY and Craft Artists. The reason Fine Artists and Craft Artists incorporate MTN Colors products into their work is the same reason Graffiti and Street Artists reach for Montana Colors Products… Quality. MTN has continually gone above and beyond to ensure all of its products meet the highest quality standards. From their paint pigments, to their spray can valves, to their spray caps, to their markers, to their non-toxic Water Based Spray Paints. Montana Colors is always pushing the boundaries of Graffiti Street Art Supplies while maintaining quality in every product.