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Spray Planet / was created with the goal of being not only the largest online retailer of graffiti supplies in the USA but also the most trusted. From the start Spray Planet has focused on areas that we have found other online graffiti supply stores have lacked:

  • Spray Planet has a Massive Warehouse (15,000+ Square feet!!!)
  • Spray Planet has the biggest inventory of Montana Colors / MTN Spray paint markers and accessories in the USA.
  • Spray Planet carries only the BEST most reliable graffiti and street art brands!
  • Spray Planet ships street art supply products daily Mon-Fri (except major holidays)
  • Spray Planet ships almost every order placed Monday-Thursday within 24 hours!
  • Spray Planet is dedicated to customer support FIRST - have a question or issue? CONTACT US! Spray Planet stands 100% behind ALL of the products stocked because the brands we stock stand 100% behind their products

Our Delivery Guarantee to Our Customers:

Spray Planet Guarantees that order placed Monday-Friday before 12PM Pacific time will ship within 24 hours of the order being placed. Any order placed on between 12:01 Friday and Sunday at midnight will ship out the following Business day (usually Monday unless holiday).

Spray Planet carries only the best graffiti supplies in the USA.

How We Choose Graffiti & Art Supplies Brands.

Spray Planet prides itself in carrying the very best of class in Graffiti, Street Art and Fine Art supplies on the market. We curate graffiti and art supply brands that have proven to be best of quality in their class through historically positive use in the field, continual customer reviews and in-house testing. Spray Planet stands 100% behind the brands we stock because the brands we stock stand 100% behind their products.

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About the Brands We Stock on

Montana Colors / MTN Colors

Montana Colors (the original Montana Spray paint) has an over 20 year legacy producing some of the finest graffiti / street art / artist spray paint on the planet. Also referred to as MTN or MTN Colors, Montana Colors - based out of Barcelona, Spain was the FIRST manufacturer of spray paint designed and catering to graffiti and street artists. Their original product - Montana Hardcore Paint is still held in the highest regard by artists around the world.

Building off of their tradition of quality Montana Colors has continued to expand and push the boundaries of high end artist spray paint with paint lines such as: MTN 94, Hardcore 2, Alien, Speed, TNT, Water Based Spray Paint, Pocket Spray Cans, Varnishes, Transparent Effects cans, and Industrial Spray On Vinyl Coatings. To help round out the MTN product offering - Montana Colors has also begun to offer artist tools such as Paint Markers, Ink Markers, Drippers (also called Dabbers or Mops), Ink refills, Paint Marker Refills, a massive wide assortment of spray caps (nozzles), and Design Markers for MTN Black books!

Spray Planet stocks all Montana Colors Products because of their high quality and focus on pushing the boundaries of graffiti & street art supplies.

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Browse Montana Colors Non-Toxic eco Friendly Water Based Spray Paint on Spray Planet Here!

Browse Montana Colors Paint Markers and Ink Markers on Spray Planet Here!

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Spray Planet carries the largest stock of Montana Colors Spray Paint Markers and Accessories in the USA
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The culmination of founder and namesake artist KR growing up in New York City in the 80’s surrounded by the birth and growth of graffiti from streets to galleries resulted in the development of his hallowed KRINK INK. After moving to San Francisco in the 90’s KR developed his classic coversall silver metallic ink through testing and retesting on the streets that were his canvas. When KR moved back to NYC he brought his ink with him and via word of mouth from artist to artist - he eventually launched KR INK aka KRINK. KRINK in turn has become THE household name for graffiti markers, graffiti squeezers (drippers) and now today extending into a full line of street graffiti and black book markers. A cornerstone brand of graffiti culture - Spray Planet is now one of the largest stockists of KRINK in the USA.

Browse ALL KRINK Products on Spray Planet Here!

Browse KRINK K-60 Squeezer Markers on Spray Planet Here!

Browse KRINK K-71 Chisel Tip Markers on Spray Planet Here!

Browse KRINK K-73 Bleed Through Chisel Tip Markers on Spray Planet Here!

Browse KRINK 4oz “Shoe Polish Style” Mop on Spray Planet Here!


The tale of GROG began in europe in 2005 with a focus on developing high quality inks and markers for graffiti and street artists alike. After 10+ years and continual upgrades, new product releases and a tireless focus on high quality inks - GROG has become a household name in graffiti and urban art. Spray Planet carries the entire line of Grog ink refills, Grog Markers, and Grog drippers to give our customer base the widest possible options for use in the streets or on canvas.

Browse Grog Refill Inks, Grog Pump Markers, Grog Dripper Mops / Squeezers and Grog Accessories on Spray Planet Here!

Spray Planet carries the largest stock of Grog Markers, Inks and Mops in the USA


Started in 1921 as a crayon company - Sakura quickly found it’s flagship product when it combined oil and pigment to create the first Oil Pastel - naming it Cray-Pas. Fast forward to today and Sakura has expanded its product offering into all types of high end artist and industrial marking products. The quality at the center of Sakura has translated to every Paint Marker, Solid Marker Streak and fine line ink pen they produce guaranteeing a perfect product every time.

Spray Planet carries a wide variety of Sakura products but mainly focuses on Sakura Koi Water Color Markers, Sakura Calligraphy Pens, Sakura Mean Streak Solid Markers, and Sakura Micron fine line pens.

Browse Sakura Mean Streak Solid Markers on Spray Planet Here!

Browse Sakura Micron Fine Line Drawing and Sketching pens on Spray Planet Here!

Browse Sakura Koi Water Color Markers on Spray Planet Here!

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Manufactured through a division of UNI / Mitsubishi Pencil POSCA have been a staple of the urban art community since 1983. The range of paint markers both in sizes and formulas make POSCA one of the most well known and trusted Paint Marker brands in the world. The POSCA P Series is a well known water based paint marker great for any art project, poster work, window painting or accent to canvas artwork. Adding in the UNI PX Series gives the line added versatility with a set of thick and thin oil based permanent writes on any surface paint marker. POSCA’s history in urban art and commitment to quality made it an easy decision to stock the brand on Spray Planet.

Browse UNI PX-30 Markers on Spray Planet Here!

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Spray Planet carries the largest stock of Grog Markers, Inks and Mops in the USA

Montana Shop Los ANgeles

In 2018 Montana Colors with MTN Colors and Spray Planet opened the FIRST Montana Colors flagship store in the USA in the downtown LA arts district! Montana Shop LA is the first of many in the USA and is carrying the widest selection of Montana Colors (MTN Colors) products of any retail store in the USA.  From spray cans (MTN 94, MTN Hardcore, MTN Waterbase, MTN Speed and more) to markers, to spray caps, to accessories and apparel - Montana Shop LA is your one stop local Los Angeles resource for all things Montana Colors!

Open 11am-7pm Wednesday - Sunday and located at:

800 E 4th Street
Los Angeles, California

We accept major pay methods