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LE Spray Can

DELTA is recognized as one of the early European graffiti pioneers. His fascinations with graffiti formed in the 1980's.  To quote DELTA "when the urban street became my canvas as I started writing graffiti under the alias of ‘Delta.’ As such I became revered worldwide among my peers for my three dimensional lettering."  DELTA's unique extreme 3D lettering style helped push the boundaries of graffiti into new directions.  As he continued to push his own style it continued to morph into some of the most complex 3D lettering of the time. 

"I always treated the two dimensional frame of the letter and the word as sculpture, bursting out or morphing into the wall, piercing its boundaries by adding a dimension”  - DELTA

After the mid-nineties, he moved on to a more experimental fine-arts style. Since then, DELTA has become an established name within the contemporary art scene, with several international exhibitions. 


*Limit 1 cans per customer.

  • MTN 94 Spray Paint
  • 400ml size
  • Low Pressure can
  • Comes with a pocket cap