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MTN Limited Edition


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NECKFACE style can be harder to describe. It lands somewhere between free form, abstract and an almost child-like scrawl. The thing is, even though his style is hard to describe, it's so unique that when you see it you know it's NECK. His ability to explore the macabre in an almost comical way has allows NECKFACE to build an incredible following for his work worldwide that continues to endure. Born in Stockton in 1984, and painting since the mid-90's he has progressed his work from stickers to walls to galleries to collabs to skateboards. Today NECKFACE is one of the most renown and recognized street artists around. We are incredibly excited to be releasing his FIRST Montana Colors Limited Edition Can.

MTN 94 Spray Paint

- 400ml.
- Low Pressure can
- Comes with a pocket cap

 *Limit 2 cans per customer.