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MTN Limited Edition
Mister Cartoon


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Mister CARTOON was born and raised in the Harbor area of Los Angeles.  He was immersed in art from an early age including airbrushing shirts, lowriders and graffiti (of course). As he grew up he shifted his interest into the "Fineline Style" tattoo art style, which originated within the California prison system. His richly detailed, hand-rendered design style continues to pull much of their inspiration from the Los Angeles of CARTOON’s youth. 

As he gained recognition, his skills helped him gain superstar tattooing clientele and opened him up to more design opportunities. In addition to graffiti and tattooing, CARTOON is known for creating the Cypress Hill Logo, Shady Records logo, multiple album cover designs, clothing brands and more.  Mister CARTOON continues to be creatively active painting murals, tattooing, designing and in general a creative trailblazer in art and counterculture worldwide.

  MTN 94 Spray Paint
- 400ml.
- Low Pressure can
- Comes with a pocket cap

 *Limit 2 cans per customer.