Montana Colors Spray Paint Rack


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The MTN 94 Spray Can rack fits 91 colors total.  With bold MTN branding and clean presentation, you can keep your cans organized by color for easier access.  The cans fit int the rack vertically so the can is front facing giving you visibility into the full can - color donut included. Easy to restock and with angled shelving, cans automatically slide forward from the back as the front can is pulled out for use. Available in black and made from heavyweight durable steel, these are the same racks used in stores and are designed to take a beating. Need to re-organize your studio or paint stash? Do it in style with Montana Colors Spray Paint Rack.

** Includes one full set of MTN 94 Paint Chips for display on the rack.

 Note: To fit the entire MTN 94 line with each can visible and front facing, you would need 3 racks total.