Spray Planet Review: Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens and PIGMA Micron Markers

This week we here at Spray Planet wanted to take a look at some of the other products that Sakura released that we carry, and you might not be that familiar with!  Sakura is well known for their Streaks aka Solid Markers in the graffiti world - because, well they're just awesome! Beyond streaks though, Sakura has some other super rad products that are just as high quality but geared more for drawing.  The two Sakura Marker products we are going to review this week are the KOI Coloring Brush Pens and the PIGMA Micron Markers.  Both are of the highest quality and amazingly unique in their use! 


Sakura Markers Company Logo

Sakura Marker Company Quick History

Established in Japan in the 1920’s, the Sakura company has long been credited with the invention of the “cray-pas” industrial marker mixture. This mixture is essentially a combination of wax crayons and oil pastels. Sakura was originally founded to manufacture and distribute semi-transparent water colors and wood block inks as well as various other stationery items. Sticking to marketing products, Sakura expanded and added a number of unique products.  These days the company operates three large factories in different parts of Japan employing roughly 1200 people worldwide.

Although the Sakura company markets multiple arts and crafts products they are most commonly known in the creative and industrial world for their professional-grade markers. Two specific markers that Spray Planet will be diving into in a bit more detail are the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pen and the Sakura PIGMA Micron Marker. If you are an artist, student, designer, illustrator, architect, cartoonist, graffiti writer, or just someone looking to add some new creative materials to your arsenal without breaking the bank, then these two Sakura markers need to be in your supply rotation.



Sakura KOI Brush Markers in all colors

Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens Overview

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens unique design is a surefire way to expand your style and art skillset. Whether you are working on a school project, designing or illustrating for your work and/or business, or just doodling for fun, these Sakura brush markers definitely add new creative range that is both fun and easy.

As the name suggests, the Sakura KOI Brush Pen comes equipped with a brush tip very similar to an actual paint brush. The tip is composed of a nylon fiber that is extremely durable, yet flexible at the same time. This makes the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush a versatile tool for any artist who knows their way around a traditional paint brush. The overall advantage to the brush tip is the ability for the user to achieve different line weights from extremely fine all the way to bolder strokes and everything in between just by the amount of pressure applied during usage. This means you get a wide range of detail work from filling big areas to extra crisp linework with a single marker!

The ink used by Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens is a water-based dye, which allows you to create extra smooth gradients and color blending. When layering colors over one another there is a gentle even blend rather than blotchy or bleeding sections as seen with other similar markers.

Sakura KOI Brush Markers drawing example

Also, because the Sakura KOI brush ink is extremely vibrant with excellent coverage, very little pressure needs to be applied when making your mark. This pairing of vibrancy and coverage with little pressure, means very little bleed-through on sketchbook or blackbook paper. 

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are available on Spray Planet in 48 beautiful colors that are ideal for fills, detail work, and watercolor effects for your drawings and sketches. Some of these vibrant colors include: Burgundy, Coral Red, Yellow Green, Viridian, Peacock Green, Iris, Emerald Green, and Aqua Blue just to name a few. The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are sold individually as well as in a set. Click here to see the ENTIRE color range for the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pen!    


Sakura KOI Brush Markers for drawing in sketchbooks and paper                  

Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens Key Features

  • Nylon brush tip
  • Water-based dye-based ink
  • Available in 48 vibrant colors
  • Watercolor effect

Pros of Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens              

  • Inexpensive compared to other brush markers
  • Little mess
  • No smearing/smudging
  • Smooth blending/layering
  • Fast dry time
  • Easy/smooth blending
  • Compatible with PIGMA microns

Cons of Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens

  • Not fade resistant
  • Not waterproof
  • Not refillable
  • Best used on paper and similar substrates


Sakura PIGMA Micron Markers and Pens for Drawing and detail lines

Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens Overview

As an artist if you want to create high detail ink drawings and super crisp lines, then the Sakura PIGMA Micron is the crème de la crème marker for fine detailed lines. Not only is the Sakura PIGMA Micron marker perfect for super, super fine lines, it is perfectly matched with the KOI Coloring Brush Pens. They also work great with other water color paints and alcohol-based markers. However, if you are going to use Micron markers with paints you need to make sure the paint is completely cured otherwise it could potentially flake off and end up clogging the nib of the Micron.

The PIGMA ink used inside the Micron marker was first invented and developed over 25 years ago in the early 1980’s. This archival pigment-based ink is acid-free, extremely high-grade in quality, permanent, and fade-resistant. Once the Sakura PIGMA Micron ink has completely cured, the ink will not run or bleed if water or moisture comes into contact with the medium. It’s no wonder the Sakura PIGMA Microns are the preferred outlining marker for professional illustrators, cartoonists, architects, and designers around the world!

Spray Planet carries the Black PIGMA Micron in 6 different nib sizes. Ranging from smallest to biggest they are: 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, and 08. Although the PIGMA Micron actually comes in a 7th size (001), the nib size is extremely fine and therefore particularly delicate and susceptible to damage so it is not one of Sakura’s more sought after markers. The Sakura PIGMA Microns are sold individually as well as in a set. Click here to see all the different Sakura PIGMA Microns from SprayPlanet!


Sakura PIGMA Micron Markers and Pens for Drawing and detail lines

Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens Key Features

  • High-quality, archival pigment-based ink
  • Designed for fine lines and detail
  • Waterproof
  • Available in different nib sizes
  • Solid flow
  • Good consistency
  • Non-toxic

Pros of Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens                  

  • Fade-resistant
  • No smearing/smudging
  • No bleeding through on paper
  • No clogging
  • Fast dry time
  • Compatible with markers/watercolors
  • Inexpensive

Cons of Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens

  • Ultra-thin nib sizes can wear out pretty fast
  • When used in combination with paint, nibs can clog if paint is not fully cured


Sakura KOI Brush Markers and Sakura PIGMA Micron Markers and Pens

Are Sakura PIGMA Microns and Koi Brush Pens Worth It?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Sakura is one of the best art and industrial brands on the market. The company has been producing the highest quality art and marking products since the 1920’s, what more needs to be said? Not only do the quality of the product speak for themselves, but they all come at a reasonable price that won’t hurt your wallet!

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are ideal for any artist or creative that is looking to widen their artistic range and style. With features similar to an actual paint brush, these Sakura markers allow the user to achieve beautifully smooth color blends, even gradients, and even different line widths all with just one marker. A large color palette also makes this Sakura marker a must-have in your supply box!

The Sakura PIGMA Micron was designed over 25 years ago with a professional-grade ink that speaks for itself and lives up to its design. Different nib sizes ranging from 005 all the way to 08 allow the creative to achieve extremely fine detail work with care and ease.

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