Spray Planet Artist Feature: BELIN

Para mí, la pintura en una lucha es una lucha constante. Hay gente que pueda decir nueva la artista pinta y yo dejé llevar la garantiza así pero otros que no somos así somos los que estamos luchando contra el lienzo, contra la madera, contra el mural, contra una pared.Eso somos los artistas como yo.”

Described as the new Picasso, the artist BELIN is a testament to what an artist should be. Risk-taker, Innovator, Dreamer, and Overcomer- BELIN Mural Work has found a place among the street art elite simply because the graffiti artist isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He prides himself in the hard work he placed into his journey to the top, a path that culminated in his development of a unique and now popular style recognizable to those who view artwork by BELIN, which he termed postneocubismo. In the vein of abstract geometric artists, BELIN Graffiti organized, meticulous yet realistic body, combining the abstract with the truth. In short, what we learn about BELIN Mural Art is that the commitment to breaking the rules of art, or what the artists calls su lucha, shows what art can be beyond the rules society puts into place.


BELIN Street Art Mural

BELIN Begins

Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, commonly known as BELIN, was born in 1979 in Linares, Spain. The artist speaks of creativity as always abounding in his heart and in his soul, driving the longing within to know more and experience more about the world around him, specifically through the prism of street art. BELIN always felt a draw to create mural art and recounts the days when his graffiti art was subpar yet his mind was alive with ideas and possibilities. This artist mindsight of nonconvention drove him away from traditional education which only hindered his learning desire. What the schools couldn’t do to develop the future of BELIN Graffiti, the libraries did. Even early on, we learn about BELIN Mural Art and his fight to develop his own unique mural art. He created without stopping, further refining his craft until people started to take notice. BELIN’s effort proved fruitful, as he built his internationally-renown platform through years of developing his brilliant style. Now, BELIN Artwork can speak its message without obscurity.



BELIN Mural old man

The Story Behind the Style

BELIN used his time learning and studying the masters and great artists to understand the nuances of shape and color and form, but he combined what he discovered, especially from artists such as Picasso, to develop the style he refers to as Post-Neo Cubism. Those who view artwork by BELIN see a technique that seeks to defy the laws of perspective and shape by interpreting an object from various angles or mixed perspectives. This allows the viewer to escape the laziness of his own eyes by forcing him or her to take in the mural art from ways never before thought possible. In BELIN Artwork, viewers can see hyper realistic renderings of the human face in different perspectives and surrounded by an abstract ensemble. Sometimes BELIN breaks from the two-dimensional, exploring his style in three-dimensional spaces through sculpted objects. Often, he portrays notable figures or animals in order to make a statement. Beyond this, BELIN Mural Work adds dual meaning by combining the fluid and modern aspects of abstract street art with more traditional Renaissance realism. In this aspect, the artist eliminates the fight between the modern and the classic, combining them peacefully on the street art canvas. Among the artists of the world, very few have reached this level of perfection in their work.


BELIN Surrealism mural

BELIN York Mural

The Meaning Behind BELIN's Street Art

BELIN’s journey, or quest of artistic self-discovery, has helped shape the meaning of his style and street artwork. The desire to break from graffiti mural art conventions and share a hybrid style of different angles and levels of realism or abstraction represents his views of human nature. BELIN's murals showcase realism to represent the known and accurate parts of humanity, the side that is picture perfect. The abstract resembles the unknown, exciting, and energetic spirit of the inner personality and soul. Finally, the mixed perspective represents the ever-changing, ever-growing aspect of humanity. Thus, BELIN Artwork is as much a study of the human condition as it is a professional street art piece.


BELIN mural China

BELIN Artwork Worldwide

As BELIN has himself stated, his desire to take risks has not left him without reward. The artist is currently internationally known in the street art community. His 15-year career has sparked a range of sculptures, paintings, and murals featured on the streets or in the gallery openings of Spain, Germany, Italy, France, America, and many other countries. Collaborations with companies such as Sephora and Dockers or celebrities such as Kat von D have further highlighted his career. BELIN attributes his success to his perseverance and his exceptional skill in painting murals freehand and without stencils.



BELIN vertical mural

Future of BELIN Mural Work

BELIN has more recently turned his attention to gallery openings over street art, but he continues to hold true to his style. Recent sculptures have broadened his ability to convey multiple perspectives form a three-dimensional aspect. His most recent body of works has been in the city of Paris with his most notable piece being a study of Mona Lisa on a Parisian subway. This has been accompanied by several other studies, including a portrait of a Chihuahua. Painting famous people has always been a part of BELIN's Artwork, but perhaps his most heartfelt piece is his portrait of Picasso, his personal inspiration. As BELIN said regarding a portrait of his daughter, he is always searching for the perfect combination of geometry, color, and perspective to craft not only the image of the person, but their character, personality, and spirit. From what we learn about BELIN Mural Art, it is clear the artist, while having achieved enormous success, is continuing to develop his style even further with these recent works. The mural art world anticipates what more BELIN has to offer.


BELIN Mural Massachusetts

belin-dali1 gallery piece

Belin-Mural St. Petersburg Florida


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