Eduardo Kobra with another heater in Chicago

In 2016 Brazilian Artist Eduardo Kobra was brought to Chicago by Beauty and Brawn Gallery and Sinergia Arts to paint a large scale 9 story mural of famed Blues guitarist and singer Muddy Waters on the side of a large building in the downtown area as part of the Wabash Arts Corridor and Columbia College "Big Walls" project.

This year the City of Chicago dedicated the Muddy Waters mural to kick off its annual Blues Fest on the lakefront but it wasn't until after all of those festivities that we were able to catch up with Kobra (thanks to Beauty and Brawn and Sinergia Arts) as he painted a new mural in the Wicker Park neighborhood of American street photographer Vivian Dorothy Maier.

Vivian Maier worked much of her life as a nanny in different cities but spent most of that time in Chicago, NYC and LA. She also traveled to other countries when it was possible. In her spare time she took up photography and would spend as much time as possible photographing people and architecture in the cities that she visited and worked in. 

With this mural of Vivian, Kobra and his team were once again able to smoke another wall in the windy city with his kaleidoscope style of adding bold colors to black and white portraits.


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