Spray Planet’s 11 Questions With Graffiti Writer Shux One

Spray Planet had the opportunity to take a break from our after holiday maddening schedule of packing orders and trying to plan out our 2019 to talk with perhaps one of Los Angeles’ most overlooked and quietly on the come up graffiti writers - SHUX. With a funky, versatile, and original style steeped in graffiti foundations SHUX ONE embodies the essence of graffiti while continuing to push boundaries. His canvas work has been shown in Los Angeles galleries, and you can find his graffiti pieces in train yards throughout California.  From Oakland to San Diego and almost everywhere in between, his tags, throws and pieces can be found littering the streets of Los Angeles while his murals can be seen all Long Beach and Wilmington. Portraits, characters, intricate fonts and lettering; all are executed with ease and perfection by SHUX. In this interview we learn all about his origins, influences, and future plans for Shux One and of course – why Montana Colors spray paint is his go to choice!


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Graffiti Writer SHUX or SHUCKS Background

Spray Planet:What’s your name that you write and where are you from originally?

Shux One: My name is Shux or Shucks One. I rep the crews TVC (The Vicious Cycle) and UDM (UnDefinedMinds) and I am hailing from Long Beach, California.


Spray Planet:How were you exposed to graffiti, and at what age did that exposure occur?

Shux One: I was first exposed to Graffiti from the local Gangs and punk rockers that hit up around the area where I grew up as a kid, no more than 10 years old. I was also heavily influenced by the exposure to the graffiti culture through movies like Beat Street, Breakin’, Electric Boogaloo, Colors, Thrashin and Style Wars when it played on KCET.


Spray Planet:  So “SHUX” or “Shucks” is definitely a unique name, how did you start writing it?

Shux One: I had officially been writing on things since as early as 1993, but I got my name Shux/Shucks around 2004. The reason I chose that name was the X and to be able to change up the spelling to not get bored. I felt it allowed me to be more versatile with my lettering. 


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Graffiti Writer SHUCKS' Inspiration

Spray Planet:Who or what were your earliest graffiti, art or creative inspirations?

Shux One: My earliest influences were my brothers, a friend named Puzle, who was known to be the style king at the time, and another older friend named Beavis. They were the first ones who gave me my first styles to on paper to practice. Later, Subway Art and Spraycan Art graffiti books just changed my whole perspective. Graffiti writers like Seen, Dondi, and Skeme were the particular ones whose work really stood out to me.


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Graffiti Writer SHUX Painting Escapades

Spray Planet:Do you remember your first time painting graffiti?

Shux One: My first time painting was in the ditch behind the house where I grew up. My friends and I skateboarded and hung out in this ditch all the time. We would skate it first and then paint after. I also lived right next to a freeway as well which we would run out onto and paint the sound barrier walls and also to hit the center divider if we were feeling ballsy.


Spray Planet:What is the craziest situation you’ve been involved in because of graffiti?

Shux One: Craziest experience because of Graffiti is a tough one to say because of all the chases and places I’ve been in haha. To be honest just the act itself is a rush and takes bravery every single time.


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Spray Planet:How have you seen the graffiti culture in Los Angeles change over time?

Shux One: I have seen the Los Angeles graff game change from basic stuff to more technical styles and then vice versa. It went from basic silver and gold fills to much more technical pieces with characters and bombing spots getting more and more elaborate and risky, but the paint color palette was strictly limited. Now a simple thing seems to be considered a “piece”. 


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Spray Planet:What is your favorite city, state and / or country that you have had the opportunity to paint in?

Shux One: My favorite places to paint are all based on certain time periods. I would have to say Los Angeles in the mid 90’s; San Francisco in the late 90’s; Texas for trains in the early 2000’s; and San Diego in the mid to later 2000’s were really good times/places to be active in the graffiti scene. I didn’t make it to New York until recent years but my experience painting there was amazing. I can only imagine what the graff scene there was like in its best days.


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Spray Planet:Do you have any new projects or events planned for the future people should be aware of?

Shux One: Yeah for sure. New things are always in the works for me. I’m always working on tattoos on the side, and murals are always good. I plan on having my first solo show in 2020 so it’s all hard work from here on out!


Spray Planet:If you could meet anyone in the world (alive or dead – graffiti related or not graffiti related) who would it be and why?

Shux One: If I could meet anyone in the world alive or dead it would definitely have to be Bruce Lee. He was the man; a true master. His philosophies were about trying to be the best at what you do, which is exactly what I’m striving for all the time. 


Spray Planet's 11 Questions With Graffiti Write SHUX ONE

Spray Planet:So what advice, if any, would you have for someone just starting out as a graffiti writer?

Shux One: My honest advice to people who want to start or just got into graffiti would be don’t quit your day job haha. There’s nothing in the end. When it’s not fun you’re done. You have to be constructive with your work. Make an impact. Be creative; or else you’ll just fade away.


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