Spray Planet Review: WTF Permanent Stickers

Stickers, or “slaps” as they are known to many graffiti writers, are a quick and easy way for a writer to get their name out on the streets. They have always been an essential tool in the endless goal of “getting up”.

What really differentiates slaps from other graffiti mediums, is they add a bit of automation to graffiti.  In general stickers need to be premade, which allows a graffiti writers to create their sticker “tags” in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Furthermore, once a graffiti writer has a desired amount of stickers created, they are then able to quickly and discretely “slap” the sticker tag wherever they desire. From bathroom stalls, to street signs, to light poles to that dumpster behind your job, graffiti slaps can be seen just about anywhere in the city,thus helping those graffiti writers in their never-ending goal of “getting up”.


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

A Brief Background on Graffiti Stickers aka "Slaps"

The two most common types of stickers used by graffiti writers are: Priority Mail Label 228 from the United States Post Office and any variation of the “Name Badge” labels sold at retail office supply stores (both shown below). These particular stickers are more popolar with the graffiti community because of their easy accessibility and low to FREE cost!  That being said, times have been changing. Getting the Priority Mail Label 288’s from your local Post Office is becoming increasingly difficult as the tend to keep them behind the counter – mainly because graffiti writers would grab them by the hundreds when they were out and unattended. Without access to free stickers “Name Badge” labels are the next option.

Again, however these days many of these low cost badge options are no longer being produced or are becoming extremely difficult to find, even online! As a result, new options have been arriving to serve the graffiti writer market in the form of vinyl stickers.

 MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers


Overview of Vinyl Stickers - WTF Permanent Stickers

In collaboration with “Eggshell Stickers”, Montana Colors created WTF Permanent Stickers. WTF Permant stickers are vinyl stickers that come in three different designs (shown below) simulating the look of the traditional USPS Label 228 and “Name Badge” graffiti writer are used to using. While a little pricier, WTF Sticker packs come in quantities of 50 blank stickers packaged in small cardboard boxes. The dimensions of each individual vinyl sticker are approximately 2.3 inches x 3.9 inches, the perfect size to carry in your pocket and on-the-go.

MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

WTF Stickers made to look like Priority Mail 228 labels  


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

WTF Stickers made to look like Blue Wave Name Badges


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

WTF Stickers made to look like “HELLO MY NAME IS..” Badges


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers Permanent Marker

The MTN Colors WTF Permanent Stickers Marker

As an added value, part of the WTF Permanent Stickers pack is the included small, handheld permanent marker. At about 2.5” x 3” don’t be fooled, this marker has a sturdy body and chisel tip and writes cleanly -  making it the perfect pocket-sized companion for Montana Colors WTF stickers. Even though it only comes in black, MTN colors made sure it was reusable and able to be refilled when empty. If you aren’t in the market for sticker blanks, you can also purchased the the WTF Stickers permanent chisel tip marker separately here.  



MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers


Why Are Vinyl Stickers Great for Graffiti Writers?

As the name “Eggshell” implies, these vinyl stickers are extremely delicate, on purpose! The stickers peel off their backing and can be applied to almost any surface. The trick is, that trying to get these stickers off of a surface after they have been applied is incredibly painful.  This is because Eggshell designs their stickers to break apart much like an actual eggshell when someone tries to remove them after applied!


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

MTN Colors and Eggshell WTF Permanent Stickers as with all Eggshell stickers have an adhesive that is incredibly strong and able to bond to practically anything. When someone tries to remove one of these stickers, the corners of the sticker flake off extremely easy and exponentially increasing the tediousness of removal. This particular feature is what makes these stickers worth their price. If the sticker is too difficult to remove, in many cases its just left to live its life and thus maintaining that graffiti writer’s spot!



MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers


Key Features of WTF Permanent Stickers (Vinyl Stickers)

Here are some of the key features of the WTF Permanent Stickers:

  • Portable; easy to fit in pocket
  • Great packaging as well as practical carrying case
  • Fast and easy application
  • Includes handheld permanent marker
  • Three traditional graffiti layout designs giving stickers authentic feel


Pros of WTF Permanent Stickers (Vinyl Stickers)                     

  • Easy to peel sticker backing
  • Extremely difficult to remove once placed on surface
  • Vinyl material is resistant to outside elements
  • Adhesive sticks to almost any surface
  • Classic Designs


Cons of WTF Permanent Stickers (Vinyl Stickers)

  • If stickers collapse on themselves once peeled, they can no longer be used
  • Stickers can sometimes crack or flake apart while peeling off sticker backing
  • Higher Cost overall


MTN Colors and Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent stickers

MTN Colors & Eggshell Sticker WTF Permanent Stickers Final Ruling

WTF Permanent Stickers by Montana Colors and Eggshell Stickers are the perfect way for any graffiti writer to get up throughout their city in a quick, easy and noticeable way. With three different vinyl sticker designs to choose from, WTF Stickers aim to keep the traditional roots of graffiti culture alive. Beyond their design, these stickers’ special vinyl adhesive ensure your slap spots run longer since WTF Stickers are so EXTREMELY difficult to remove once placed. Overall if you want a top quality product, you have to pay for it. WTF Permanent Stickers made by MTN Colors and Eggshell are one top tier sticker product that you want to have in your arsenal as you roam the streets.




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