Spray Planet Review: Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint (Now With 46 NEW Colors!)

Summer is right around the corner! Things are heating up across the country ANDat Spray Planet with the launch of a whole slew of products, including the long-awaited, highly-anticipated 46 NEWcolors of Montana Color’s revolutionary Water Based 300 spray paint line.

Not familiar with MTN’s Water Based spray paint line? No worries, that’s what we’re here for! Not only will we give you an overview of exactly what the Water Based line is, its overall uses and applications, but we’ll also dive into the 46 BRAND NEW MTN Colors Water Based 300 colors Spray Planet has just added! From being able to work indoors, to mixing on surfaces, to color matching with both traditional acrylic paints as well as Montana Colors’ hues – MTN colors water base spray paints are definitely a game changer for all artists!


Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Cans in 100ml and 300ml sizes


Overview of Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint

MTN Colors’ Water Base spray paint is hands down the most versatile water-based aerosol paints currently available on the market. Why? Simply because it can be used as a regular aerosol spray paint OR applied with a brush as traditional acrylic tube paints typically are. Spraying the contents of the Water Base can directly into a cup or container, the artist is free to manipulate the paint and can combine and mix in other colors (or even other acrylic paints) to achieve an endless range of tones.     

Don’t let the term “Water Based” in the name deceive you. Some people may get the impression that this means Montana Colors Water Based spray paint is washable (similar to the MTN Colors PROline Erasable Chalk Series we recently reviewed). It is true that while still wet the Water Based paint be removed from most surfaces, however MTN Colors Water Base Spray Paint is completely permanent once it has properly dried due to the high-quality pigments used.

Montana Colors Water Based spray paint line is available from Spray Planet in two different aerosol spray can formats: 100mL and the larger 300mL sizes. Both formats of the Water Based spray paint come with an anti-clog stock spray tip, the MTN Colors much coveted Pocket Cap. The Pocket Cap is perfect for achieving medium-sized lines with very little overspray. If wider or skinnier lines are desired, the Water Base spray can spray caps are interchangeable with the same caps that can be used on the MTN 94 and HARDCORE spray paint lines (basically any MTN spray cap available on Spray Planet).

Unique to the smaller 100mL Water Base spray can size, is it’s availability from Spray Planet either individually or in packs. These 100ml spray can packs are ideal for starter kits or workshops where spray paint is being introduced as a new medium. Unlike the 100ml size cans, the 300mL Water Base Spray Can is only available as an individual item. 

 Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Cans in 100ml packs

Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Overall Features

  • Available in two formats: 300 mL can and 100 mL can
  • Acrylic base
  • High-quality pigments
  • Anti-clog tip
  • Odorless
  • Matte finish
  • Low pressure
  • Waterproof
  • 100mL format sold individually or in packs


Pros of Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint               

  • Can be used as aerosol or with brush
  • Easily removed while still wet
  • Permanent once dry
  • Mixes easily (with other paints too)
  • Excellent for indoor use


Cons of Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint

  • Longer drying time than most aerosol paint
  • Higher price point than MTN 94 and HARDCORE
  • 300mL not sold in pack


Uses/Applications of MTN Colors Water Base Spray Paint

MTN Colors Water Based spray paint can be applied to countless surfaces including concrete, metal, glass, wood, canvas, and plastic. Unlike traditional Aerosol Spray Paints, it can even be applied to solvent-sensitive surfaces like Styrofoam. without the need for a primer base. Montana Water Based spray paint is an ideal medium for fine arts, crafts, graffiti art, DiY projects, interior decorating, and much, much more!


Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Cans Perfect for art, crafts, murals and DIY Projects 

Perhaps the best part feature of Water Based spray paint by Montana Colors is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Its formulated to contain virtually no solvents or harsh chemicals which makes it a non-toxic, odorless aerosol paint. Making it even handier for artists is the spray can is low pressure, matte finish and with its low odor – perfect for indoor projects or commissioned jobs where aerosol is the preferred medium. To top it all off, because of its zero-toxicity content, MTN Colors Water Base spray paint line is also ideal for workshops with children and other classroom and art activities!   


Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Cans A versatile option for every artist 

New Colors in MTN Water Base Spray Paint 300mL Cans

Spray Planet is proud to announce the release of 46 BRAND NEW Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint colors. Adding a ton of new hues to the Water Base 300 line’s existing 50 color range, brings the total Water Base 300 color range to an amazing 96 colors (plus 2 varnishes)!

The 46 new shades from Montana Colors broaden the Water Base 300 palette by adding new colors within already pre-existing color families. For example, the Azo Orange family was limited to just Azo Orange Light, Azo Orange, and Azo Orange Deep. Now, that color family has expanded with 2 new shades: Azo Orange Pale and Azo Orange Dark. Similarly, the Blue Violet family expands with the new shades: Blue Violet Pale and Blue Violet Dark.

Beyond filling in color gaps, Montana Colors also introduced entirely new color families to the Water Based 300mL spray paint line. For example, the new Primary Blue family that has just been added consists of beautiful purple-ish blue tones that resemble the MTN 94 Colors: Tuareg Blue, Porto Blue, and Ween Blue.  CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE NEW WATER BASE 300 COLORS!


Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint Cans Available in 46 New Colors! 

Why You Should Consider Montana Colors Water Base Spray Paint

Montana Colors has, yet again, revolutionized the art and spray paint world. With a love and passion for art and everything that is creative, MTN has seemingly achieved the impossible: created a spray paint formula that is both environmentally friendly AND extremely versatile for the user.

Available in both 100mL and 300mL formats, The Water Based spray paint line by Montana Colors is extremely user friendly. It is the ideal solution for any indoor project as it is odorless and non-toxic. It is highly recommended for fine arts, crafts, and other professional jobs as the pigment is both high-quality and permanent.


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Willie Simpson

Willie Simpson

September 16, 2019

Hi: Thank you for your help. A project coming up is bare metal. I understand, that I don’t need a primer?? Before using the water base spray paint. If I do, what Primer should I use?

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