A Review of the NEW MTN Pocket Fat Cap

This week Spray Planet takes an in-depth look at one of the latest product releases from Montana Colors: The ALL NEW MTN Pocket Fat Cap! If you’re a huge fan of the fuzzy, but raw look of the MTN pocket cap that comes stock on the MTN 94 and MTN Hardcore spray cans, then you are in for a real special treat. The MTN Pocket Fat Cap is just what you’ve been waiting for! Not familiar with the MTN Pocket Cap? Not a fan of it, and think the MTN Pocket Cap is a terrible cap? Well, hold tight because we promise to make a believer out of you yet 😊.  We put together this comprehensive review of the MTN Pocket Fat Cap to ensure you are filled in on every crucial detail about this new spray paint cap by Montana Colors!


MTN Hardcore Spraypaint spraying with MTN Pocket Fat Cap

A Quick Look at Different Caps

Whether seasoned veteran or newbie in the graffiti game, spray caps are your best friend and should always be with you when you're out in the field. Your caps are one of, if not the most, necessary and crucial tool for any graffiti writer (aside from the paint itself). Caps are, in part, responsible for giving shape, strength and reach to the spray of the can. When coupled with precision can control, the perfect cap can elevate your piece or handstyle to the next level.

Spray caps range in many different sizes and shape, and each cap has its own specific function that adapts to the user's specific need. Generally speaking though, caps fall under three main categories: Skinny (Thin) Caps, Fat Caps, and Specialty Caps. Before we get too deep into the MTN Pocket Fat Cap, let’s take a quick look at these three different categories of caps.


MTN Hardcore Spraypaint spraying with MTN Pocket Fat Cap

Skinny caps typically project a limited flow of paint allowing the user easy, AND PRECISE, manipulation of the paint. Some MTN Skinny caps include: Universal Yellow (or Banana Thin), Skinny Cream, Pro Cap, and the Super Skinny Cap. On the other end of the spectrum are Fat caps. Fat caps are ideal for covering large surface areas in a short amount of time. The fat cap is the street bombers favorite because it allows for extra quick fills or fat flare tags in high traffic areas. Some MTN Fat caps include: Super Fat, Astro Fat, and Hardcore Fat Cap. Lastly there are the Specialty caps. Specialty caps, such as the MTN Transversal Cap or Needle Cap, provide the user with special textures or paint strokes that the user cannot achieve with skinny or fat caps. Typically, these caps are used by artists that utilize more stylistic techniques than just filling in.


MTN Pocket Fat Cap in action with Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint


MTN Pocket Fat Spray Cap Overview

The MTN Pocket Fat Cap is the latest cap to be released by Montana Colors. It is the “bigger brother”, so to speak, of the MTN Pocket Cap that comes stock on the MTN 94 and MTN Hardcore. Depending on your style or preference, you might be one of those writers that takes the MTN Pocket Caps off the can and chucks ‘em in the trash or throws them in the “back up / last resort” caps box. However, don’t let the “Pocket” cap fool you! The MTN Pocket FAT Cap is a game changer and a huge improvement on the original Pocket Cap. One spray and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

Doing some real street graffiti? The MTN Pocket Fat Cap is PERFECT for your street side fill-ins. It has the same grip and comfort as the MTN Super Fat, with the added bonus of saving your paint. While the MTN Pocket Fat Cap is definitely a fat cap, it is specifically designed NOT to dump or exhaust the paint as quickly as the other fat caps like the Super Fat or the Astro Fat. 

Another feature of the MTN Pocket Fat Cap is the stock-tip look that it can achieve. While most graffiti writers pride themselves on extra clean and crisp lines, some graffiti writers actually enjoy that raw and rugged overspray look. After all, graffiti isn’t supposed to be pretty. It’s supposed to be in your face! The MTN Pocket Fat Cap is ideal for those writers that want to rock the town night after night with fat tags and quick throws.


MTN Pocket Fat Cap spray diameter examples

Overall Features of MTN Pocket Fat Cap Spray Cap

Here are some of the key features of the MTN Pocket Fat Cap:

  • Medium/Wide line
  • Spray size is about 1.6 inch (4cm)


Pros of MTN Pocket Fat Cap

  • Wider spray than MTN Pocket
  • Difficult to clog
  • Raw, rugged look
  • Quick fill-ins
  • Can be easily controlled from wide line to fine line

Cons of MTN Pocket Fat Cap

  • Lines are not too clean (can be fuzzy/blurry)


MTN Pocket Fat Cap Now available on Spray Planet

Final Ruling on MTN Pocket Fat Cap

The MTN Pocket Fat Cap is definitely a huge improvement on the MTN Pocket Cap. As with all fat spray caps, the MTN Pocket Fat Cap is ideal for covering larger spaces in a short amount of time. If you’re looking to rock quick fill-ins grab a couple of the MTN Pocket Fat Caps. You’ll be surprised how quick you’ll be moving on to the next spot! Don’t care about clean lines? Even better! The fuzzy, stock-tip look shouldn’t be a problem if your main focus is just painting the town red or black or silver or…any color for that matter! Happy spraying!

Graffiti artist using the all new MTN Pocket Fat Cap


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Daniel Valerio

Daniel Valerio

February 24, 2021

Pretty good cap approved 👍❤️



September 07, 2020

OMG, this is pretty cool man!

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