A Review of the NEW MTN Hardcore Colors

This past month Spray Planet received one of the latest, and most anticipated, product releases from Montana Colors; the NEW MTN Hardcore colors! MTN Hardcore spray paint is the most iconic spray paint line by Montana Colors, which of course most of you are already familiar with. For 25+ years Hardcore has been the staple of writers worldwide, but with this new color release - prepare to dive back in, you’re in for an extra special treat this Summer season. If you’re not familiar with the MTN Hardcore spray paint line, don’t worry! This review will fill you in on all the details you need to know about the original graffiti spray paint line by Montana Colors. So, let’s get straight to it!

 Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint new Colors for graffiti artists and fine artists

About MTN Hardcore

MTN Hardcore is more than a spray paint, it’s an attitude! MTN Hardcore is THE industry standard for what a high-performance high pressure gloss spray paint should be. If you’re trying to get in and get out of those street-side “hot boy” spots without being noticed (other than the bombs or throws you leave behind for the fellow writers of your city to see), look no further than MTN Hardcore spray paint line! MTN Hardcore is best known by graffiti writers all around the world for its medium-to-high pressure velocity and its extra quick, extra smooth coverage allowing for quick fills. Because of Montana Colors’ focus on quality, MTN Hardcore also has some of the brightest, most vibrant colors imaginable AND the ability to dry extremely quick. Now toss in an extra shiny, gloss finish on top of all of that, and it’s a wrap! You have the recipe for one of the BEST aerosol spray paints on the market! One spray and you’ll see exactly why the MTN Hardcore is the go-to spray paint for street bombers all over the world!


40 All New Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint Colors

While definitely an amazing spray paint and ideal tool for writing graffiti, the MTN Hardcore spray paint line hasn’t been without its faults, the most widely spoken about among graffiti writers being color palette. The MTN Hardcore color chart has been known to be somewhat limited with no even gradient (or in-between steps) for many of the color sets as many artist are used to with the MTN 94 spray paint line. While the color range was game changing when it was released, as time has passed and new lines came out, the Hardcore Line has maintained almost the same color range as when it was launched.

As of this month, that all changes! Montana Colors has expanded the MTN Hardcore color line and has added a MASSIVE 40 NEW colors! That’s right, 40 BRAND NEW colors for you to mix-and-match and experiment with on your next graffiti piece, commissioned job, or personal art project! Some of these NEW MTN Hardcore colors include: Cream, Rust Red, Pure Purple, Apricot, Hortensia Blue, Caribbean Blue, Treze Violet, Puchineli White, Potosi Green, Reggae Green, City Grey, and Squatter Grey, just to name a few of the Spray Planet team favorites! Drop a comment below if you’ve already tried some of the new colors and let us know which of the NEW MTN Hardcore colors you’ve tried and are YOUR personal fav!


Close up image of Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint Color: Petosi Green

MTN Hardcore: 40 NEW COLORS!

Hope you’re ready and sitting down for this one! Montana Colors ups the ante with 40 brand NEW colors added to the MTN Hardcore spray paint line. Time to retire those same old MTN Hardcore color schemes. Now you can switch it up by mixing-and-matching! Match all the NEW colors together or mix them in with the pre-existing MTN Hardcore colors and spruce them up with new highlights, lowlights, or funky details!


New MTN Colors Hardcore Spray Paint Colors On Deck

Montana Colors has gone the extra mile and has filled in tons of the color steps while simultaneously adding NEW color steps that haven’t been seen before in the MTN Hardcore family. Like using grey tones and monochrome? Well, you’re in luck! A whole new set of greys have been added to the MTN Hardcore lineup ranging from a soft, light grey (Arkalis Grey) all the way to a deep, warm grey (Nazgul Grey). There are also some new sets of teal-ish blues for you to try that have EXCELLENT opacity levels and will cover just about anything in one single pass. These colors range from the lighter side with Vintage Blue and gradient all the way down to a deeper Ocean Blue.  Perhaps the most notable thing about the NEW MTN Hardcore colors is the fact that it broadens the color spectrum into pastel tones that are similar to those seen in the MTN 94 family. These lighter, pastel tones allow for a much cleaner gradient in the steps of the MTN Hardcore color palette.

Montana Colors New Hardcore Colors Now Shipping

OverallKeyFeatures of the NEW MTN Hardcore Colors

Always keeping a focus on quality, we want to break down the advantages of Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint and the new colors in general for you.

  • Fill in the gaps/steps for color sets
  • Further broadens the MTN Hardcore spectrum into pastel tones
  • High opacity = quick coverage
  • Gloss finish
  • Quick dry time
  • Affordable/Cost-effective

NEW MTN Hardcore Colors - Final Ruling

Most of the graffiti writers around the world hitting the streets will agree, MTN Hardcore cans are the way to go. The high velocity spray combined with high opacity and perfect coverage allows for quick fills AND more spots! While the MTN Hardcore palette has typically been known to be somewhat limited, it has now expanded into a much broader spectrum that offers the perfect variety. Use 40 brand NEW colors to mix-and-match into never seen before color schemes, and there’s seemingly endless possibilities of how your next piece or DIY art project will turn out! Visit Spray Planet today to scope out the FULL line-up of MTN Hardcore spray paint!

Montana Colors Hardcore Spray Paint for Graffiti writers, muralists and fine artists.


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Robin Glasd

Robin Glasd

February 24, 2021

Do your products work on canvas?

Robert Tanner jr

Robert Tanner jr

August 03, 2020

How do I come up on a list or catalog with all colors Montana has to offer?



July 15, 2020

I had the chance to use a couple of the new colors the other day—splendid! The lighter blues coat super well and they don’t overspray or dust over like other brands. I’m amped to try the other colors now.

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