A Look at the Difference Between MTN 94 + MTN Hardcore

This week at Spray Planet we are shifting our attention from the weekly artist interviews and spotlights to answer one of the MOST common questions we receive here at Spray Planet:

“What is the difference between MTN 94 and MTN Hardcore?”

To help everyone out with this same question, we are going to take an in-depth look at what makes both of these Montana Colors’ spray paint lines unique in their own way. If you’re new to the graffiti/street art, or you’re just learning to use spray paint in general,  and not sure which kind of spray paint fits your needs then this article will give you all the details you need to know to make the proper selection of Montana Colors paint for your specific piece or project! So, let’s start out by taking a look at the MTN 94 spray paint line.


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Montana Colors MTN 94 Spray Paint

When can control is a must, you can’t go wrong with 94. If you’re looking to lay down extra fine, detailed line-work while still being able to utilize the overall benefits of an aerosol spray can, e.g., misting/blending, then the MTN 94 spray paint line is definitely the way to go. It’s versatility and control are why MTN 94 is the preferred spray can of many well-known muralists around the world. MTN 94 spray cans are quite simply one of the most extremely user-friendly, as well as extremely versatile and easy to control spray paints on the market. With the use of different MTN caps and nozzles in conjunction with can-control and distance from the surface, the user’s line width can vary from as thin as 3cm up to a much broader 1-inch spray. Because of its ease of use, consistent spraying ability MTN 94 has evolved into the best solution for new artists as well as veterans muralists. Regardless of what width you’re looking to achieve the MTN 94 always lays down the paint even and buttery smooth! 


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Overview of MTN 94 Spray Cans

Painting with an aerosol spray paint can has never been so easy.  Why? That’s because the MTN 94 has proven to be one of the most versatile aerosol spray paints available for graffiti writers and creatives whose preferred medium is spray paint. Montana Colors has continually expanded the already extremely wide color range for MTN 94 (216 colors total), and the paint itself possesses unique qualities including a matte finish, quick-drying ability, as well as high opacity.

Additionally, its low-pressure variable valve system makes the MTN 94 extremely easy to handle and manipulate. This continual focus on quality has positioned Montana Colors as the most well-known AND sought-after spray paint brand around the globe.

However, because of its low pressure, MTN 94 spray paint is sometimes disregarded entirely by street bombers. This is mainly due to the perception of the can’s pressure being “slow” when trying to do quick fills. While this remains true to an extent, applying a simple fat cap to a can of MTN 94 will allow it to achieve the same quick fill-in results as some of the other higher-pressure Montana Colors spray paint lines.

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What some people might not know about the MTN 94 is that while released in 2008, the name actually refers to the year 1994. Why 1994? This is the year that Montana Colors was officially created in Barcelona, Spain as the go-to brand of high quality aerosol spray paints for graffiti writers and artists alike. With a focus on quality from the start, Montana Colors created their spray paint at a more competitive price and to be less toxic than the spray paint on the shelves of traditional hardware and art stores at the time. The spirit of MTN 94 rests in the pioneering nature of the Montana Colors brand and the paradigm shift that this aerosol spray paint represents within the artworld.                                                               

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Overall Features of MTN 94 Spray Paint

  • EXTREMELY low pressure
  • Matte finish
  • 216 colors
  • High opacity
  • Stock pocket cap
  • 400 mL format

Pros of MTN 94 Spray Paint

  • Easy to use, handle, and manipulate
  • Quick coverage
  • Wide color range
  • Quick-dry ability allows for no drips
  • Interchangeable caps

Cons of MTN 94 Spray Paint

  • Color range can appear too pastel
  • Not meant for street bombing/tagging

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Montana Colors MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

Montana Colors MTN Hardcore spray paint is where it’s at for graffiti artists looking to really get noticed in the streets or yards. Your spray can (higher) pressure is key in many situations where getting in and out in a quick and timely manner without being seen or drawing too much attention is imperative. This is where MTN Hardcore cans excel.  That, being said, while MTN Hardcore can pressure is slightly higher in comparison to the MTN 94, it is still a very easy spray can to manipulate and control. By applying certain tips like the yellow universal or the pro skinny cap the pressure can be lowered, making MTN Hardcore cans comparable to the MTN 94 when needed.

The other main differences between the MTN Hardcore and the MTN 94 are in overall finish and color range. The MTN Hardcore spray paint finishes with a nice, lustering gloss effect whereas the MTN 94 line has a matte finish that is much more muted. Additionally, while the color range is only half the size of the MTN 94 range, (109 colors total), the range of the MTN Hardcore spray paint line is focused on extremely bright and intense colors designed to seemingly pop off the wall.

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Overview of MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

More than a just a spray paint, MTN Hardcore is an attitude! Hardcore is hands-down Montana Colors’ most historic and iconic product and it is known in the graffiti game as being one of the best performing gloss spray paints around the globe. Originally released in 1996, MTN Hardcore has since set THE standard for what a high-performance gloss spray paint should be.

The power of MTN Hardcore spray paint doesn’t simply lie in its high-pressure output.  Montana Colors focus on an intensified color range that pops even harder off the surface with the glossy finish, makes the final results using Hardcore that much more striking and receptive to the human eye.

Finally, MTN Hardcore’s ability to dry extremely quick is yet another reason that it has become the street bombers ideal spray paint. Due to its ultra-fast drying time, Montana Hardcore is able to be layered in virtually no time at all making quick intricate fills and fresh outlines a reality in high-stakes situations where time is crucial and every second counts. The last thing you want is a slow-moving can when you’re trying to hit some “hot boy” spots.

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Overall Features of MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

  • Medium-High pressure
  • Gloss finish
  • 109 colors
  • Stock pocket cap
  • 400 mL format

Pros of MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

  • Quick coverage
  • Intense color range
  • Ultra-fast dry time
  • Interchangeable caps

Cons of MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

  • Color range not as large as MTN94
  • Some colors have low opacity


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Final Ruling on MTN 94 vs. MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

Well, there you have it, two of Montana Colors’ most popular spray paint lines compared side by side. Simply put, MTN 94 is the spray paint primarily preferred by muralists and other street artists looking to achieve fine lines and other detail work via low-pressure controlled application. The matte finish is an elegant touch to a paint that has an extremely high opacity and smooth coverage.

On the other hand, most of the graffiti writers around the world hitting the streets are grabbing the MTN Hardcore cans. This is mainly because of Hardcore’s ability to provide quick fills and get them in, out, and on to the next spot! The bright color range and gloss finish are also key features to this MTN spray paint line because they will bring any piece or project to life!

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Vitaliy Maksymov

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