MTN Systems
Seoul Metro (Limited Run)


Not just anyone can claim to have painted the Seoul Metro subway... Until now. MTN Systems' reach has now traveled as far away as Korea, one of the graffiti capitals of the Far East. Hitachi's reproduction of the 2000-series VVVF Seoul Metro subway car model will allow you to do your own piece on this car without risking jail time or an international search and seizure.

Miniature train printed on heavyweight, high-quality card stock for assembling and painting.

This reproduction of the Seoul metro system train (2000-series VVVF Miniature Subway Car) allows you to practice your sketches, reproduce historical pieces or simply enjoy your creations while emulating the spirit of the most extreme type of graffiti.

Ideal for painting with MTN Water Based Markers (UFEFFineMediumChiselSquare), Street Paint Markers (SP10SP15Refills), MTN Liquid, and all the MTN Spray Paint ranges.

Easy & quick to assemble - 17.9 x 4.1 x 3.5 in (assembled) - 27.1 x 18.5 in (disassembled)