MTN Industrial Vinyl Coating Spray - Green


MTN Industrial Multi-Purpose Vinyl Coating is a matte paint that, once dried, becomes a removable (peelable) protective layer. Developed for the protection and customization of objects, it is weather resistant and can also provide a grip effect to the painted surface due to its "soft touch" feature. Ideal for the protection of metals, glass, plastics (PP, PVC, etc.) or any non-porous surface, providing excellent removability once dried. On porous surfaces, the removal of the paint can be more difficult or even impossible. It can be applied to some painted surfaces such as most 2K paints, but not to all 1-component paints. In any of the cases mentioned above.

We recommend applying 5 thin coats. MTN Industrial Vinyl Coating - Spray On Fluorescent Green is a Vinyl Coating spray used to protect any surface with a rubbery coating. 

Hex: #00B319