MTN Maximo Spray Paint - Black (XRV-9011)


MTN XXXL Maximo Spray Can - 750ml - Black is the largest Montana Colors spray paint can available at a HUGE 750ml size. MTN Maximo spray cans are designed to not only cover a large area but cover it fast. The perfect option for the active graffiti artist, street artist or DIY'er with a big project on their hands! Montana Colors Maximo Spray Paint RV9011 Black is a full coversall dark black spray paint.

Maximo Spray Paint pairs great with Nitro 2G or Nitro 2G Colors, allowing for great fills.

To obtain a more eye-catching finish, apply a coat of MTN PRO Primer first. A subsequent varnish coat with MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish is recommended if greater permanence and resistance to wear is required.

Change the way you spray with MTN's Specialty Caps. Most caps offered by MTN are interchangeable with MTN Maximo. 

Hex: #000000