Montana Colors - A History of Graffiti Supplies

Montana Colors - A History of Graffiti and Art Supplies


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While Montana Colors - the spray paint / graffiti supply company was founded in 1994, the inspiration goes back to 1987.  The founder of MTN Colors, Jordi, saw his first graffiti mural in Barcelona and that image was seared into his mind. Fast forward to 1993, Jordi was working for the paint company Felton and noticed one of their retail stores was far outselling spray paint than others. Curious he took a trip to that store and was introduced to two Graffiti writers “Moockie and Kapi” working there who explained that the popularity of graffiti in the area was driving a lot of the sales.  Remembering the first graffiti mural he had seen in 1987, Jordi went back to Felton with the idea of creating a new spray paint product line targeting, graffiti artists, street artists and fine artists. The Felton management team was not interested, so in 1994 Jordi left Felton with his friend Miguel and created Montana Colors - the original spray paint designed for graffiti artists, street artists and fine artists.


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Montana Colors Growth - The Birth of MTN Hardcore

1994 was a big year for Montana Colors. Not only did the first products hit the market, but the fledgling graffiti art supply company opened a record number of new accounts, placed its first ads and sponsored its first graffiti art festival.  By 1995 Montana Colors was well known in Spain and set its sights on expanding to the rest of Europe starting with Scotland and eventually covering the entire continent by 1996.  The next big step in the history of Montana Colors and their development of spray paint for graffiti artists, street artists and fine artists was the creation of the iconic Hardcore Spray Paint line.  MTN Hardcore was the first can to come with the female valve that allows for more control. In addition to creating the new Hardore Graffiti Spray Paint, MTN Colors also developed specially designed spray paint caps - The Pink Dot Fat and Grey Skinny Banana to give graffiti writers, street artists and fine artists more control over their spray paint application.


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MTN Colors Expands Graffiti Supplies Worldwide

From 1997-1999 Montana Colors continued to evolve, developing new colors, introducing the infamous spray can color donut. All of the growth, innovation and evolution lead to Montana Colors’ first intercontinental shipments in 1999 to USA, Mexico, Canada and Argentina.  Montana Colors was now turning into a global brand, leading the development of graffiti supplies worldwide.


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The Original MTN / Montana Colors vs. Copycats

Unfortunately, this period of great expansion and growth drew Montana Colors to the attention of a large German Multinational corporation.  The corporation made numerous attempts to acquire Montana Colors, but was rebuffed by Jordi and his team.  The reaction of that Multinational Corporation was to introduce their own similar brand into the market to confuse and deceive our customers.


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Montana Colors Today & The Birth of Spray Planet USA

Today the original Montana Colors still creates its best in class graffiti spray paint, artist supplies, and fine art accessories through its production facility outside of Barcelona, Spain.  While other companies have tried their best to replicate Spanish MTN Colors products, their efforts have only pushed Montana Colors to focus on pushing the boundaries of Graffiti and Street Art Supplies, Fine Art Supplies and further strengthening its ties to the community it has helped nurture since 1994.  These core philosophies lead Montana to develop its first direct to consumer retail website in 2015: Spray Planet was created to allow US based customers to purchase Montana Colors directly and ensure that everyone in the USA always has access to the best graffiti art products in the world - manufactured by Montana Colors in Barcelona, Spain!