MTN PRO Ethyl Alcohol 70% Spray - 100ml


MTN PRO Ethyl alcohol 70% is a hydroalcoholic solution specially designed for sanitizing and cleaning surfaces of all kinds, including glass, metals, and plastics like methacrylate anything from steering wheels and other plastics found on the interior and exterior of vehicles, helmets, and visors, to household furniture and office equipment, like tables, computer, and cell phone screens. 

For proper sanitation of objects and surfaces, once MTN PRO Ethyl Alcohol 70% Spray has been applied to a surface, allow it to sit for one minute, then remove it with a soft cotton cloth. Montana Colors Sanitizing Spray's rapid evaporation leaves no trace other than a pleasant alcohol scent. Does not contain any added perfume.

Beyond MTN PRO Ethyl Alcohol 70% Spray's cleaning power, the sanitizing spray works to easily clean the surfaces of leftover residues from grease, ink stains, paint, and traces of glue from self-adhesive labels. Due to Montana Colors PRO Ethyl alcohol's formula, it may cause reactions with certain types of inks and paints, so it is recommended to do a preliminary test to ensure that the product does not compromise the aesthetic appearance of the object.