MTN PRO Heat-Resistant Spray Paint

The MTN PRO Heat-Resistant Spray is a solvent-based paint that has a high resistance to high temperatures.
This paint is a heat-resistant spray, formulated primarily with a polybutylene, titanate resin base and thermostable, lead-free pigments. It is specifically designed to prepare paints that are highly resistant to temperatures up to 600ºC.
Especially suitable for parts that are subjected to different stages of thermal shock. 

Great for:
- Industrial installations
- Hot fluid Containers
- Motor Blocks
- Stoves
- Boilers
- Exhaust Tubes

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2 Colors - Dries Fast - Great Hardening - Great Flexibility - High Scratch Resistance - Excellent Adhesion - Does Not Contain Lead - Good Covering Power - Color Durability - Easy Application - Thermostability - Resistant to High Temp - Adheres Perfectly

$ 10.10


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