MTN PRO Forging Effect Spray Paint

MTN PRO Forging Effect Spray Paint contains metallic particles with a rough finish that results in a ferrous look. This paint is a solvent-based acrylic spray paint that gives a rough finish thanks to its natural, micaceous iron oxide particles. Apart from the ferrous look, this synthetic enamel has anticorrosive properties as well.
Due to the characteristics of this product we recommend using it for touch-ups on all types of industrial, domestic, handicraft and fine arts materials, or for any job where the properties of high-quality spray paint are required.
However, its finish is ideal on structural steel; gates, metal fences, welded joints, street lamps, fountains and all types of urban furniture.

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2 Finishes - Fast Drying - Protects Metal - Weather Resistant - Excellent Flexibility - High Scratch Resistance

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