MTN PRO Fluor Spray Paint

Montana Colors offers a bright Fluorescent Spray Paint alternative. Very brightly colored paint that is perfect for providing surfaces with luminosity and making them visible from a distance. The pigment's purity causes the paint to be highly luminous. May be used in topographical signage, mining, DIY, construction, industry, etc.

To obtain a more eye-catching finish, apply a coat of MTN PRO Primer first. A subsequent varnish coat with MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish is recommended if greater permanence and resistance to wear are required.

The MTN Metallic Paint matches great with Nitro 2G or Nitro 2G Colors, allowing for great outlines and fills. 

Change the way you spray with MTN's Specialty Caps. Most caps offered by MTN are interchangeable with MTN PRO Fluorescent Paint Cans. 

Note: all color swatches on this website are approximate, please refer to the top ring of the physical can for actual color reference.

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Fast Drying - Easy to Apply - Can be Applied to Many Materials - Can be Easily Removed with Acetone - 400ml - 3 Colors


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