MTN Pocket Spray Paint - Electric Blue (PRV-30)


Montana Colors Pocket Spray Paint - RV30 Electric Blue is a 150ml spray paint can that is small but effective on the go. The perfect graffiti tool where a low profile is necessary. While a smaller Montana Spray Can, it packs a punch with more coverage than any other spray can brand in its size. Montana Colors Pocket Spray Paint RV30 Electric Blue is a full coversall middle bright blue hue spray paint.

To obtain a more eye-catching finish, apply a coat of MTN PRO Primer first. A subsequent varnish coat with MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish is recommended if greater permanence and resistance to wear are required.

Change the way you spray with MTN's Specialty Caps. Most caps offered by MTN are interchangeable with MTN Pocket.

Hex: #007fb5



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