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Freight trains are an important element in the graffiti world that also had to form part of MTN Systems series. To represent this widespread North American graffiti form, we reproduced an Autorack wagon; Union Pacific's freight train that transports cars and styles from the warm lands of Mexico to the cold mountains of Canada. 

Miniature freight train printed on heavyweight, high-quality card stock for assembling and painting.
This reproduction of a Union Pacific Autorack Miniature freight car allows you to practice your sketches, reproduce historical pieces or simply enjoy your creations while emulating the spirit of the most extreme type of graffiti.

Ideal for painting with MTN Water Based Markers (UFEFFineMediumChiselSquare), Street Paint Markers (SP10SP15Refills), MTN Liquid, and all the MTN Spray Paint ranges.

Easy & quick to assemble - 17.9 x 4.1 x 3.5 in (assembled) - 27.1 x 18.5 in (disassembled)

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