MTN Systems
Stockholm Metro


The Stockholm metro is an emblem in a very distinctive graffiti scene that's been developed with its own unique style: Swedish graffiti.
In addition to being a very attractive train system because of its older sky blue cars and their seductive design, the Stockholm MTN Systems pay tribute to one of the most important train graffiti scenes in the world.

Miniature train printed on heavyweight, high-quality card stock for assembling and painting.
This reproduction of the Stockholm metro system train (CX Stock Miniature Subway Car) allows you to practice your sketches, reproduce historical pieces or simply enjoy your creations while emulating the spirit of the most extreme type of graffiti.

Ideal for painting with MTN Water Based Markers (UFEFFineMediumChiselSquare), Street Paint Markers (SP10SP15Refills), MTN Liquid, and all the MTN Spray Paint ranges.

Easy & quick to assemble - 17.9 x 4.1 x 3.5 in (assembled) - 27.1 x 18.5 in (disassembled)