Shux Royalty Pack


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It's good to be the King! LA's own graffiti king SHUX One hand picked this Montana Colors Hardcore spray paint color combination pack. These are some of the key Montana Paint colors graffiti artist SHUX reaches for on the daily. Need to up your game or learn some MTN Hardcore color combinations?  Look no further, complete with royalty tones fit for a monarch. PLUS the SHUX Royalty Pack also includes fat and thin caps for both ultimate coverage and extreme detail! 

Shucks Royalty Pack includes:

1 x Party Yellow
1 x Luxor Yellow
1 x Unicorn Yellow
1 x Malva
1 x  Violet
1 x Prophet Violet
2 x Vampire Violet
1 x Orange
1 x Pastel Orange
1 x Calcutta Orange
1 x Nostromo Blue
3 x Black
1 x White
10 x Hardcore Fat caps
10 x Universal Yellow caps