The Abstract Shapes and Colors of Street Artist Matt W Moore

Is it necessary for an artist to stick to one thing in order to be considered good? However you may feel about the matter, Matt W. Moore has carved his entire career, a pretty successful career at that, around the jack-of-all-trades mentality. Then the question must follow: is he a master of none? As we learn about Matt W Moore art, the answer quickly and firmly becomes no. Rather, it seems the artist has mastered very skill he has taken on. One of his most recognizable forms of artwork is his street mural art.


Matt W Moore - Mural - Letterforms

Matt W Moore began his artistic journey relatively early on with his frequent creation of graffiti art in the New England area of the U.S. Art was a love he continued to pursue in college, receiving his degree in graphic design and new media from Maine College of Art in 2005. This was only one of several universities he attended in order to increase his knowledge of the artistic field. Savannah College of Art and Design and Boston University were also key factors in Matt W Moore’s artistic growth. These college years gave him a foundation in design and structure that he would later build upon to create his fantastic graffiti art pieces.


Matt W Moore - Mural large scale

Moore describes his love of variety as beginning in these years. “I found my interests converging and I began to cross-pollinate the ideas from my graphic design work into my fine art endeavors and murals, and vice versa.” As Matt W Moore’s career developed, he never knew what his next project would be, a spontaneous lifestyle he never grew tired of. The artist went on to found MWM Graphics, his studio designed specifically for a wide range of disciplines as he completes various projects around the world.


Matt W Moore - Mural - colorful geometry

What Is Moore’s Style?

Can you pin Matt W Moore’s style down to one thing? The artist himself describes the aesthetic as “bold, graphic, optical illusion, sharp, geometric, vector, asymmetry, psychedelic, mosaic, complex, vibrant, and fun.” Don’t worry, my head’s spinning too! The vivid structure seen in his mural installations is a call back to his education in vector design. The artist has termed his new style Vectorfunk and has incorporated it into almost every piece.

“In 2003 I began my journey into abstract vector graphics. Vectorfunk is my ‘signature style’ of illustration. A digital playground of geometry, pattern, and vibrant color.”


matt w moore mural - geometry

His mural art is perhaps one of the best examples of this style. As you see Matt W Moore art, a sense of order in the layout becomes apparent, a complete structure that is enhanced by vivid colors and geometric patterns. This characterized the artist’s evolution from the traditional block-lettering graffiti art to the more vivid, expressive, and abstract patterns he employs today to provoke the viewer to a deeper level of appreciation.


matt w moore mural - isometric

How Did the World Respond to Such an Artist?

Due to a mastery of art and design in a variety of ways and frequent new works by Matt W Moore, his art has achieved widespread acclaim. Specifically, Moore’s mural art became a publicly recognizable symbol of his brand, a work which he personally enjoys composing for the public.

“It's a magical experience to paint walls in public spaces. Lots to see in these archives of different stylistic exploration and discoveries from my travels all around the world.”

In a sense, the graffiti art is a callback to his artistic origins when as a child he would craft simplistic street murals. Perhaps it is the fondness of these memories coupled with his desire for accessibility to the public that drives him to create the street art.

Matt W Moore RayBans Mural

Due to large and catchy representations of the abstract, Matt W Moore has had some pretty incredible collaborations with Ray-Ban, Nixon, and Coco-Cola; however, one of his most notable mural installations was a 3d mosaic wall for Instagram HQ. (See Matt W Moore Photo Gallery) Barcelona’s Vincci Hotel and Art Basel Miami have also been honored with their very own wall murals. In partnering with such recognizable brands, Matt W Moore has carved a reputation that continues to broadcast itself throughout the world.


Matt W Moore - Mural -Range is Conducive To Growth

Moore’s Incredible Range and Abstract Murals

Matt W Moore has always worked off the mantra:

“Range is conducive to growth.”

In this single quote he has sought to upset the pattern of creation which confines the traditional artist to a few media.

“Versatility is key. I truly believe the most interesting innovations and unique ideas come from unexpected places.”

matt w moore murals organic 4

Yet, the artist sees the danger in losing a sense of personal style in the midst of so much cross-pollination. Obviously, Moore has risen above this concern to practically invent his own abstract style, one which is particularly noticeable in his mural art and public displays which find a special place in the heart of Matt W. Moore.

“I have always loved putting my art into public environments….I am striving to do more of this type of work in the future. architecture, sculpture, and public environment design are the most exciting and visible forms of art for me.”


Matt w Moore Murals - Colorful Geometry 2 

What the Artist Is Trying to Say

The more the we learn about Matt W Moore, the more we discover his simple motto: “stay curious.”

“I think of it like this, I always try to keep my feet moving, working hard, staying curious and hungry, always learning, always trying new things outside of my comfort zone, collaborating with and learning from designers in adjacent disciplines.”


matt w moore murals organic 24

With a lively abstract style that is at the “intersection of art and design,” the actor is declaring to the world the necessity in extending one’s personal borders. Matt W Moore conveys this message excellently in his graffiti art installations which stand apart so vividly from the rest of the street art scenes.

matt w moore murals organic

Still, Moore advocates a careful, thoughtful approach to developing style. “When it comes to originality and creative identity, taking two big steps in any direction inevitably results in that individual standing in someone else’s footprint, and that can be a problem. now if the same person takes the time to arrive there at a safe speed, one step at a time, with plenty of research, exploration, and productivity, it’s a different story when two creative’s arrive at a similar place.” With his dedication to the unique and vivid, Matt W Moore is inspiring a new generation of artists to think beyond the box.


 Matt w Moore - Mural organic 2

Future of Matt W Moore Art

The art world is always excited to see Matt W Moore art. Many of Moore’s murals were created from 2014-2016. Since then, Moore has been focusing more on his collaborations and designs for major brands as well as various gallery openings; however, he still manages to delight the art community with an exciting new mural art piece here and there.  His most recent installation was a colorful abstract piece in collaboration with Scotch Painter’s Tape in Yaya New Orleans.


This was following a brilliant project to paint a basketball court for Art Basel Miami in 2017. In the midst of the storm of work he has, Matt W Moore craves the time when he can create his own personal projects. Series such as Tropical Camouflage, a traditional work with watercolors, inks, and acrylics as well as his Linocut diamonds help Moore recapture the excitement and beauty of art for art’s sake.

Matt W Moore Philadelphia Mural 2016

Though Moore’s wide range of disciplines means that we won’t be seeing as many murals as we might like, he has promised to expound upon his public installations in ways that should excite the street art world for what is to come.  I personally can’t wait to see new works by Matt W. Moore.

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