Spray Planet Review of the NEW MTN Mad Maxxx Colors

This week Spray Planet JUST RECEIVED the latest product releases from Montana Colors, the BRAND NEW MTN Mad Maxxx colors! Most of ya’ll already are familiar with the insanity that is the MTN Mad Maxxx spray paint line, but prepare to be wow-ed yet again because you’re in for a special mid-summer treat. If you’re not familiar with the MTN Mad Maxxx, well, don’t worry! This article will fill you in on all the technical and not-so-technical details you need to know about this game changing spray paint line by Montana Colors. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in!


MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Paint Can available in 6 new colors

About MTN Mad Maxxx

If you want to get noticed out there in the streets while simultaneously wrecking some walls in the process, then look no further than MTN Mad Maxxx! The Mad Maxxx spray paint can is hands down one of the most exciting and just plain fun spray cans you could possibly use as it is pretty much a mini fire extinguisher! Hasn’t everyone always wanted to just rip  that fire extinguisher off the wall and just blast off?!  Errr – maybe that’s just me… :P  Fire Extinguishers aside the MTN Mad Maxxx is your chance to experience the next best thing, but now in multiple COLORS!  That’s right, COLOR! Previously Mad Maxxx spray paint was only available in two colors, silver chrome and black. As of this week,  MTN Mad Maxxx is now available in 6 NEW colors that are MTN family favorites. The NEW colors include: White, Light Yellow, Vivid Red, Electric Blue, Anonymous Violet, and Paris Green. Yes, we agree – ohhhhh sh****t!!!


Montana Colors Mad Maxxx Spray Paint Technical Details and information

MTN Mad Maxxx Technical Details

Montana Colors took their high-pressure MAXIMO spray paint line and re-engineered it into something far greater. Enter the MTN Mad Maxxx. The Mad Maxxx is a revolutionary new spray paint that comes in an enormous 750mL can. The spray can, valve and paint have been specially designed and formulated to fill in extremely large surfaces in the blink of an eye. Beyond fills, this can is ideal for achieving HUGE blockbuster top-to-bottom tags that extend far beyond the reach of any normal spray paint can. If you are concerned about paint sticking and lasting power, have no fear, the paint inside the Mad Maxxx can is MTN’s ever-so popular 2G “Silver Killer” formula! You can blast right over any chrome without having to wait for it to dry!


Montana Mad Maxxx Spray Paint graffiti paint

Two major components of the MTN Mad Maxxx spray can have been optimized to bring you the HIGHEST pressure and MAXIMUM power possible: the valve flow and the nozzle. When compared to other high pressure spray paint lines on the market, the Mad Maxxx quite simply puts them to shame. This can possesses a valve system with a never-before-seen high velocity output that pushes the boundaries of paint disbursement. Once you try Mad Maxx, you will be utterly amazed at the pressure and speed of the paint coming out of this can.

Looking at the specially designed nozzle, the MTN Mad Maxxx comes fully equipped with a compact chisel tip with a wide fan spray of about 25-30 cm. The benefits of this cap are many. From hand styling to paint application and reach – the cap gives any user a range of options.  It’s chisel design specifically allows for some uniquely intricate typography  linework, similar to a calligraphic font. The wide spray of the cap also allows for super quick fills.  And Finally the combination of the valvle with this cap allows the paint to shoot at an incredibly high distance unachievable by other spray paint lines. The one drawback is that due to the highly-pressurized male valve system of the Mad Maxxx can it’s chisel tip is not interchangeable. That means it can ONLY be used on the MTN Mad Maxxx can and not any of the other spray paint lines by Montana Colors. That point aside, it is an amazing spray cap when utilized with the Mad Maxx cans.


Spray Painting surface with Montana Colors Mad Maxxx Ultrawode spraying spray paint

Overall Features of MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Cans

           Here are some of the key features of the MTN Mad Maxxx:

  • EXTREMELY high pressure
  • Stock chisel tip
  • Contains 2G “Silver Killer” formula
  • 750 mL format
  • Wide spray
  • Fast-drying
  • Male valve system


Pros of MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Cans

  • 2G “Silver Killer” formula goes right over the Chrome
  • Chisel tip allows for giant typography tags
  • Now available in 6 NEW colors
  • Get those hard-to-reach spots
  • Fan tip allows for super quick coverage of surface area
  • Fan Tip allows for super wide coverage of surface area


Cons of MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Cans

  • Extremely messy
  • Cap is not interchangeable due to male valve system
  • Can can be emptied in a matter of seconds if not careful
  • Has a higher price point than other paints
  • Large 750mL cans are harder to keep discreet


Chisel tip letters with Montana Colors Mad Maxxx Spray Paint 


Montana Colors Mad Maxxx Spray Paint - Final Ruling

The MTN Mad Maxxx is definitely the way to go if you want to make a big, bold statement in the street. This spray can will undoubtedly get you noticed with HUGE top-to-bottom tags. With an extremely high-pressure valve system and unique nozzle, this spray can is unlike anything you’ve sprayed before.

Montana Colors originally released this spray paint line in only 2 standard colors, but now brings it to you full-force with 6 ALL NEW colors perfect for your next massive project. One spray and you’ll be hooked! Just remember to stand as far back as possible and don’t wear anything you want to keep! The paint will bounce back at such a high-velocity you won’t know what hit you!


MTN Colors Mad Maxxx Spray Paint Can

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