Spray Planet Review: MTN Train Systems & Montana Water Based Markers

It’s still cold and wet outside so this week at Spray Planet we’re staying indoors to take a deeper look at MTN Train Systems and Montana Colors Water Based Markers. As an added bonus we put together a simple video so you can see MTN Water Based Markers in action with the MTN Train Systems - aka the perfect duo!

MTN Train Systems for Graffiti Writers and Artists

Why MTN Train Systems?

From subways to freights, Trains have always been a staple part of graffiti culture. Some earliest train markings considered to be graffiti (and still highly revered today amongst train writers) date back to the early 1920’s. These markings were simpler pencil and chalk drawings known as monikers, created by the hobos and transients hopping the train lines in search of work and a better life. Monikers were meant for those individuals “in-the-know”.  These hobo marks were a discreet, visible way of communicating with fellow train hoppers on the lines.  They covered everything from who wrote the moniker, to when to jump on or off a particular line to even which stops were safe and which were not.

New York City Subway Graffiti

Fast-forward to the urban landscape of early 1970’s New York City. It was here that teenagers were beginning to tag their names on the insides of the subways with markers as they navigated through the city. This created a hype and competition amongst the “kids” as more and more of their tags began to get noticed by their peers. With competition came more and more elaborate tags, crossing out, or just writing over other “competitor” tags. As the tags became bigger and more colorful, it was only a matter of time before they picked up a can of spray paint and began to hit the outside of the trains. As more and more graffiti writers began to hop on the lines to demonstrate their capabilities, the train systems slowly evolved into a moving art gallery.

Train Graffiti Today

The Subway graffiti movement of 1970’s New York has now transcended into a respected culture worldwide. From Paris, to Stockholm, to Milan, to Omaha – train car after train car has been transformed into moving art that travel throughout the city and country for all to enjoy. This key component to graffiti culture is precisely why Montana Colors has created the MTN Train Systems. The MTN Train Systems, when coupled with the Montana Colors Water Based markers, are the perfect way to practice and create your own personal train gallery!


MTN Train Systems and Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Overview of MTN Train Systems

The MTN Train Systems by Montana Colors are miniature trains that designed to mimic various iconic train systems from around the world. They are printed on durable cardboard that is flexible and lightweight, yet sturdy and will not bleed or soak through when markers or paint is applied. The train systems are packaged in a flat easy to ship box, so some easy minimal assembly is required. When assembled, the dimensions of the train are roughly 17in x 4in x 3.5in.

There are 12 different Montana Colors Train Systems available, and each model has been designed each local train’s details to give the artist an accurate train writing experience in the palm of their hands. Some of different train systems that are available are: the U-Bahn (Berlin); the Red Bird (New York); the Union Pacific Auto Rack (USA); the Stockholm (Sweden); and the Milan (Italy).

Click here to see ALL 12 of the MTN Train Systems at SprayPlanet!


MTN Train Systems - Autorack Freight Train Up Close 

Overall Features of MTN Train Systems

           Here are some of the key features of the MTN Train Systems:

  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble/use
  • Durable cardboard

Pros of MTN Train Systems

  • Sturdy
  • Realistic look
  • Paint adheres well
  • Various models/styles to choose
  • No soaking/bleeding

Cons of MTN Train Systems

  • Constant transportation may lead to degradation of cardboard


MTN Train Systems and Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Montana Colors Water Based Markers are perhaps the most versatile water based paint marker available on the market today.  They are the go to for professional and hobbyist artists alike looking to add a little more color, style and versatility to their marker related artwork. MTN Water Based Markers have a ton of creative applications including graffiti, fine art, design and crafts. The paint mixture inside is composed of water and acrylic paint, allowing for ultimate coverage, ability to blend colors, perfect adhesion, drips and effects as you need them and a fast drying time. Whether you are looking to do super fine detail work or fill large, massive spaces in a short amount of time, Montana Colors Water Based Markers are a critical addition to every creative artist’s studio supply box!


MTN Train Systems and Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Overview of Montana Colors Water Based Markers

You may be wondering why Montana Water Based Markers have such high regard by artists of all backgrounds. Well first off, the color range of MTN Water Based Markers is notably large when compared to other water based marker brands in the market. There are 20 vibrant opaque colors with exotic names in the range including: Azo Orange, Naphthol Red, Phthalo Blue Light, Dioxazine Purple, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, and Naples Yellow, just to name a few. While the color names sound exotic, keep in mind many of Montana Water Based Marker colors are designed based around colors in the Montana Colors Water Based spray paint line – meaning you can use them and blend them together!

Can’t decide which colors to pick? No worries! Montana Colors has different assortment packs for you to choose from!  Click here to see more marker packs that available from SprayPlanet!

Hands down another key feature setting Montana Colors Water Based Markers apart from the competition is the widely differeing styles and widths of marker nibs available. Many water based markers in the market are limited to just three simple nib formats: extra fine, fine, and broad. This is significantly limiting for both the artist and the marker lines themselves. Montana Colors has gone above and beyond most marker designs and has developed six (6) different nibs that have allow for a much wider range of applications or uses. The different sizes available are: Ultra Fine (0.8mm); Extra Fine (1.2mm); Fine (3mm); Medium (5mm); Chisel (8mm); and Square (15mm). (shown below)


Montana Colors Water Based Markers Montana Colors Water Based MarkersMontana Colors Water Based Markers Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Montana Colors Water Based Markers Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Overall Features of Montana Colors Water Based Markers

  • Portable; easy to fit in pocket
  • Multiple applications
  • Fast-Drying
  • Complete coverage
  • Solid flow
  • Wide color range

Pros of Montana Colors Water Based Markers

  • Easy to refill/change tips
  • Easy clean-up
  • Non-toxic; safe for all ages
  • Can be mixed with brush/dabbers
  • Sold individually or as a set

Cons of Montana Colors Water Based Markers

  • Markers with smaller nibs can sometimes get clogged


Montana Colors Water Based Markers Packs

Montana Colors Train Systems + Water Based Markers: Final Ruling

Spray Planet and Montana Colors continue to maintain their focus of bringing the true essence of graffiti culture to the table in new and creative ways. The detail and realism in the MTN Train Systems are both fun and authentic while being super easy assembly. Their sturdy, yet lightweight components make for a solid canvas that every graffiti writer should appreciate – even if just for practice.

Montana Colors Water Based Markers are the perfect tool for just about any creative task. A wide vibrant color range and 6 different nib types make for an extremely versatile and reliable water based marker. When coupled together, the MTN Train Systems and the Water Based Markers are the perfect combination!


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