Spray Planet Review: Hand Mixed Solid Markers (Split Streaks)

Let’s add some color to the mix! We just received the first shipment of the all-new Hand Mixed Solid Markers (split streaks) to hit the shores of the U.S! Spray Planet has exclusively partnered up with the team at the Hand Mixed Labs to bring YOU these extremely unique solid markers. To help understand why Hand Mixed Split Streaks are so rad, we put together a quick review!

Hand Mixed Solir Marker Split Streaks available on Spray Planet!

First, you’re probably wondering what sets these solid paint markers apart from the Sakura streaks every graffiti writer has come to know, love, and trust as a reliable marker. While the Hand Mixed Solid Markers are similar in design, purpose and functionality to the classic solid streaks manufactured by Sakura, Hand Mixed expanded the concept of the solid oil paint marker to the next level! Referencing classic hand split streak combinations and precise craftsmanship, the Hand Mixed team created a series of split solid paint markers in just about every possible color combo imaginable! The plethora of color pairings makes choosing just oneseemingly impossible!  


Hand Mixed Solid Marker Split Streaks being made in their lab                                                   

About Hand Mixed Solid Markers and Their Origins

By the 1990’s, graffiti and the street art culture was no longer localized to the East and West coasts of the United States. The culture had grown into a worldwide movement with Mexico, Brazil, and larger parts of the European continent adopting the culture full-force. While interest in graffiti culture and art was appearing throughout these regions, the supplies to produce the artform were severely limited.  As a result, many artists and graffiti writers took to engineering their own supplies. Enter Hand Mixed Solid Markers. The graffiti artists behind Hand Mixed Labs took to making their own art and graffiti tools by mixing different colors, paints, dyes, chemicals, and solvents.


Hand Mixed Solid Marker Split Streaks being made in their lab

Formed in Barcelona, Spain, Hand Mixed prides itself on its roots and heritage. The concept of the split streak was, “created in the mid 90-s in Mexico City in underground ateliers of graffiti artists. Inspired by those heroes, Hand Mixed Labs was found…”. Moreover, their factory and laboratory are, “ directed by Latino immigrants who introduced the first multicolored streak marker to the market…”.   


Learn more about Hand Mixed Solid Marker Split Streaks 

What Are Hand Mixed Solid Markers?

Modeled after the classic Sakura streaks, the Hand Mixed Solid Markers are a pre-made split combo mixture of solid streak colors encased in a glue-stick type plastic tube with a twist bottom. Like other Streaks, Hand Mixed Solid Markers outer plastic tube is the size of a marker, designed to fit comfortably in your pocket. With no pumping or shaking, its discreet, but unlike other solid markers, you always have a wicked color combination packed into each marker.


Learn more about Hand Mixed Solid Marker Split Streaks 

For the initial USA release, Hand Mixed Solid Markers are available on Spray Planet in 4-color split, 6-color split, and 8-color split options with each color split named after its color combo. For example, the “MARLEY” color split has the classic Rastafarian color combo split between Red, Yellow, and Green while the “KUSH” color split has the ever-so enticing Purple and Orange color combo associated with Purple Kush (if you’re into that sort of thing 😊)! CLICK HERE to check out all the other Hand Mixed Solid Marker color combos available from Spray Planet!

Hand Mixed Edition Solid Marker Split Streaks in artist picked color combinations 

Taking the color combinations a step further, the team at the Hand Mixed Labs created their Hand Mixed Edition Paint Sticks! The “Edition” line consists of collaborations with artists that hand-selected specific color combinations. SprayPlanet now carries the Hand Mixed “IT’S A LIVING Edition” which is a split between White, Purple, Blue and Fluorescent Pink. There is also the “MOSES & TAPS Edition” split between Blue and Yellow, as well as the “VENYA SON Edition” split between Blue, Red, and Purple. Check Out all the other Hand Mixed EDITION color combos available from SprayPlanet!

Hand Mixed Edition Solid Marker Split Streaks in artist picked color combinations

Yeh yeh, split streaks are cool and all, but what about the tags? Just as you would expect, Hand Mixed Solid Markers create super colorful, super buttery long lasting tags! The Hand Mixed Solid Marker will write on just about anything. It applies effortlessly to countless surfaces including metal, concrete, wood, glass, rubber, paper, plastic, canvas and more making it ideal not just for graffiti but for other creative art or DiY projects as well!

Hand Mixed Solid Marker Split Streaks are great for Graffiti, Tagging, Artwork and DiY Projects 

Hand Made Solid Markers Overall Features

  • Handheld
  • Fast, easy application
  • 28 Different color variations
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant solid colors
  • Marks surfaces through water, rust and dust
  • Low odor and Non-toxic
  • Twist bottom

Pros of Hand Made Solid Markers       

  • Requires no shaking/pumping to get paint flowing
  • Unique tags and markings
  • No clogging of tip/applicator
  • Marks at any angle
  • Fast dry time

Cons of Hand Made Solid Markers

  • Easily removed with alcohol-based cleaners/solvents
  • High price point


Why You Should Consider Purchasing Hand Mixed Solid Markers

To Buy or Not To Buy Hand Made Solid Markers

As the old adage dictates, “Out of necessity comes invention.” In a time and place in the world where artistic supplies and graffiti products were significantly scarce, artists and graffiti writers pioneered and ultimately engineered new ways of getting up. That very lack of artistic resources ultimately became the catalyst for a revolutionary product that is now available to artists the world over. At the end of the day, the Hand Mixed Solid Marker is a product that is made by graffiti writers for graffiti writers and they have been at it with the utmost intentions of keeping this culture alive. One tag and you’ll be hooked!

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