Spray Planet Artist Feature: Pose One

Thirty-nine years ago, Evanston, Illinois became the birthplace of Jordan Nickel. Jordan was your average, every-day, street art loving kid who practically spent his time from twelve years old and upward spraying graffiti art on pretty much anything he saw. As he followed the path of mural art and learned new skills and techniques, he decided to further supplement his education with a degree.

POSE ONE Street Art Mural

Graduating from the Art Institute of Kansas, Jordan, now dubbed POSE ONE, lost no time, founding “We are Supervision” with KC Ortiz, a business centered around graffitied billboards and signs. Carried onward by a love for street art and a business savvy spirit, POSE ONE rose to fame to become an international star in the graffiti art scene. He has traveled the world, joined prestigious graffiti art organizations, and infiltrated private gallery openings with his installations. The street art world is looking out for this mural artist who is only continuing to rise the ladder of success.


POSE ONE Pop Art Style Graffiti Street Art

Pose One and Pop Art Style

“My artwork is pretty cut and dried. I’m taking from the world around me – whether it be bits of signs or my wife’s old childhood books.”

POSE ONE's artwork can best be described as a mashup of ideas which may seem to be unrelated, but when further examined share a beautiful similarity that composes a unified piece ready to be shared with the street art world. In other words, his work is cool. It’s a tribute to pop art culture, childhood memories, fond friends and pretty much anything that enters his mind.

POSE ONE Pop Art Style Graffiti Mural

POSE ONE talks heavily about keeping his creative bank account full, as his powers of observation are never turned off. How will a bodega sign fit in with Dumbo? Don’t question genius! In fact, POSE’s innate ability to take the seemingly ordinary and turn it into something rather extraordinary is what has helped his style grow and maintain its uniqueness. Pose One's pop art style is filled with comic book style images, bright colors, and abstract techniques which dot cityscapes all over the world. They are even making their way into the most bourgeoisie of galleries. It all begins with ideas and a mixture of simple items.

“I try to push my art into new realms by creating new challenges for myself. I get bored quickly if the work seems redundant and I’m not learning anything new.”



What Is Pose Trying to Tell the World?

While it is clear POSE ONE likes experimenting, what may be misunderstood at times is the message is he attempting to bring to the table. When examining POSE's graffiti artwork, how is it relevant to today’s society?

“I get very obsessed with the work that I create. It yanks me out of bed early in the morning and doesn’t let me sleep at night. I get really high from the relationship I get with a body of work.”

POSE ONE Artwork

This relationship which POSE speaks of is something he continuously tries to duplicate and share with his audience. To learn about POSE ONE mural art is not for the weak of heart. The chaotic attraction to the deeper meaning hidden in the pieces is what keeps the work excited and alive in the streets of the bustling cities in which they live.

“His work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions like love, loss and triumph.” (Marcel Katz Art)

POSE ONE Sculpture Painting 3D artwork

This personal touch communicates to the viewer in a deeper way. POSE ONE has gone even further, incorporating three dimensional elements to make his work even more immersive. If you’re thinking about a field trip to see some POSE graffiti art, be aware that you will be taken on a journey of self-exploration. Sounds like something you wouldn’t want to miss.


POSE ONE Graffiti Mural

POSE ONE’s Worldwide Influence

In 2015, CNN gave special recognition to POSE ONE as “One to Watch,” a list of creators chosen for their potential to shake up the world. And why not? POSE ONE murals, graffiti and artwork have dotted walls all across the globe. Think London, New York, Dubai, and L.A. His current base of operations is the bustling city of Chicago which contains a few POSE One mural works of its own.

POSE ONE Mural Graffiti

Beyond galleries and repping himself, he is also an active member of The Seventh Letter and MSK. In the midst of all of his work, POSE ONE was even asked to collaborate on a mural art installation for the famous Houston/Bowery Wall in New York City. The dedication, focus and continual effort to push boundaries has lead POSE ONE to continually break the mold of what a graffiti artist is.


POSE ONE x REVOK MSK Houston and Bowery Wall in New York City

Pose One x NYC's Houston Bowery Wall

One can't talk about POSE ONE and not at least mention his work on New York's Houston and Bowery wall. In 2017, POSE ONE joined forces with Revok, and other members of MSK to undertake a crew effort in the repainting of the Houston Bowery Wall. The culturally historic wall in downtown Manhattan was redone with Pose One's pop art stylings mixed into Revok's work to combine lettering, and Easter egg tributes to past graffiti artists. Needless to say, it brought a lot of attention from New Yorkers eager to see the next generation of street artists leave their mark.

“We’ve all painted a million walls. This is something that is sort of a landmark and for our culture it means a lot. The history is very daunting because you want to honor it, you want to pay tribute, but you also want to push the boundaries by really doing your best. It’s a really insane kind of platform.”

Both POSE and Revok left nothing on the table, crafting a mural art installation with his closest crew members that did the famous wall justice.


POSE ONE Artwork

What’s POSE ONE up to Now?

POSE ONE is always creating. He’s an artist so it’s kind of expected. But still, as someone who loves his day job and night job, POSE is ever committed to making great art. Recently he’s been spending a lot of studio time creating work such as “White Bread” (composed of acrylic, spray paint, and UV ink on panel) and Yield Monoprint. This past year, he participated in Beyond the Streets, a prestigious street art show in Brooklyn, New York with pieces such as Ex Vandals. On another part of the globe, the Chosun Ilbo Museum asked him to join their exhibition for a gallery opening. Along with all the traditional work, POSE ONE mural work is still being made with instillations such as the Greene St. Kitchen mural. Hustling ever onward, POSE’s career is going strong and the street art world is ready to view artwork by Pose One in the years to come.

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