New Montana Colors Chisel Tip Water Based Marker

We are proud to introduce the All New Montana Colors Chisel Tip Water Based Marker.  This new addition to the MTN family is an engineering and ecofriendly production feat! Produced by Montana Colors at their facilities in Barcelona, they spared no expense to develop the best water based paint marker for fine artists, graffiti artists, street artists, muralists and really anyone! best pigments and components available in Europe, the new Chisel tip (4-8mm) Water Based Marker is the last entry in the MTN Markers family.


Montana Colors Water Based Chisel Tip Marker Colors

From the start, Montana Colors set out to develop the highest quality permanent paint marker while utilizing a safe, eco-friendly water based paint.  They focused on utilizing the best top of the line paint pigments as their base.  Using water and other compounds they developed a paint formula that was fade proof, light safe, and safe to use in 20 different vibrant colors.  The 20 vibrant colors offered are:


Montana Colors Chisel Tip Water Based Markers

Montana Colors Water Based Chisel Tip Marker Paint

Lets talk about the paint itself, beyond the 20 vibrant colors. The water based paint is the highest quality, smooth flowing, light fast acrylic paint as would be expected from MTN Colors.  The paint perfectly flows, is high covering and fast drying which is absolutely key for any artist.  Furthermore the MTN Water Based Paint specific formula is the exact same paint contained in the Water Based Spray Paint 300 and Water Based Spray 100, slightly modified to optimize its compatibility with the paint marker.  This allows a whole new dimension of versatility for artists – allowing them to work between Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paints and Montana Colors Water Based Markers without worrying about color matching or issues around paint formulas not playing nicely with each other.


Montana Colors Chisel Tip Water Based Markers

The Montana Colors Family of Water Based Markers

Montana Colors already has multiple sizes of Water Based Markers on the market.  So how does this new Chisel Tip marker fit in?  Beyond having the same 20 color range as its smaller and larger brothers, the new Montana Colors Water Based Chisel Tip Marker offers a classic and versatile format in a convenient 4-8mm size.  The main marker characteristic of the new marker is, no doubt, the chisel tip, which allows a handful of options in terms of widths, angles, flows and styles depending on the angle it is held.  While the rest of the MTN Colors Water Based Markers have rounded tips, the new chisel tip fills a much needed gap in these versatile water based artist markers.


The Chisel Tip Marker Components

As always Montana Colors settled for nothing but the best when it came to the Water Based Chisel Tip Marker body and dimensions. The durability could draw comparisons to the classic Posca 8k water based marker (also available for purchase on Spray Planet). However the design style and engineering fits in line with the rest of the MTN Water Based Markers family, including the classic Donut on top of the lid, the perfect indicator for the color.  Beyond the design, the marker uses a high strength plastic marker body to protect the Marker when dropped.


If you are concerned about the chisel tip and paint distribution to the marker tip; don’t worry, Montana Colors engineered this as well – again settling for nothing but the best components.  The Water Based Chisel Tip Pump mechanism allows for a smooth continuous even flow of paint through the chisel tip, meaning you can worry less about paint streaks or uneven application and instead focus on your art work!  As the pump allows the water based paint to flow to the chisel tip, the highest end compressed fibers in the chisel were selected to not only allow for paint absorption but also maintain the sharp chisel edges even when soaked with paint.


What happens when the paint runs out?  Well Montana Colors thought of this too.  Just like the rest of the water based marker family, the water based chisel tip markers are refillable! Montana Colors sells paint refills (also carried on Spray Planet) that you can purchase to refill the marker bodies with your favorite Water Based Marker Paint colors!  In addition, if your chisel starts to wear out after 1000s of uses or you happen to lose it, don’t worry – Montana Colors makes replacement chisel tips for the Water Based Chisel tip markers (also carried on Spray Planet).  Once you have purchased one marker color, with proper care you can simply replace the chisel tip or refill the paint as needed.


Montana Colors Chisel Tip Water Based Markers

Ideal Uses for Montana Colors Water Based Markers

Montana Colors Water Based Marker family is ideal for almost any application.  From blackbooks, to canvases, to fabric,  to wood, to glass, to Styrofoam – it just works perfectly on every surface!  Whether you are a graffiti artist, muralist, fine artist, craftsperson, DIY, or crafter and decorator – these markers are perfect for your next project!


Get a first hand look at the new Montana Colors Water Based Chisel Tip Markers on Spray Planet – all 20 colors are in stock and ship daily!  

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