Everything You Need To Know About Montana Colors 600ml Mega Spray Can

Spray paint can sizes that are different to the usual 400ml size aren’t usually as popular with many graffiti writers and artists given that they are designed for specific uses.  Because of these spray can’s limited uses they are typically also limited in color range - something people aren’t used to. One spray can that has become an exception to the rule is the Montana Colors (MTN) 600ml Mega Spray Can! Over the years it has continued to gain popularity for a number of reasons we will outline, and might be beneficial for your next project!

 Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans

MTN Mega Spray Can Technical Features: 

  • Synthetic based Spray Paint
  • 600 ml Larger Spray Can Size
  • Glossy Finish
  • High Pressure Spray for Quicker Coverage
  • 15 Highly Opaque Color Safe Non-Fading Colors


Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans

Why Are Montana Mega Spray Cans A Larger 600ml in Size?

A larger 600 ml spray can have its advantages and disadvantage. Let’s start with the negatives. First, due to its larger size, these spray cans tend to be heavier than a standard 400ml spray can. This increase in weight can cause some hand and arm fatigue for graffiti writers and artists not used to it. Beyond that, another drawback is its length, which makes it difficult to paint accurately on the bottom 15 cm or so of a wall if the can is not completely full.

That being said there are some obvious advantages to having a larger size can.  Number one is that it has more paint that in turn give the Montana Mega spray can a longer lasting duration.  In addition to extending the life of the can, the added spray paint also allows for a much larger coverage area (5.75 m2) with a single can. In many cases you may be able to save space in your backpack or bag carrying a couple of Montana Mega cans around rather than 3-5 regular 400ml spray cans. Yet another advantage to its bigger size is that it allows for more and higher pressure on the inside. This is an extremely important aspect of MTN Mega Colors spray cans!  It means that unlike a normal 400ml spray can, a Mega spray can with a Pink Dot Fat Can (the standard Mega Spray cap it comes with), you can spray lines over 15 cm thick!  Massive!!!


Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans

The Unique Montana Mega 600ml Spray Paint Properties

Over time and through years of testing, Montana has adjusted the MTN Mega Colors paint to be formulated to offer optimum performance from a larger higher pressure spray can. As with all Montana spray paint, virtually all the colors in the range have maximum possible opacity, with the normal exception being Light Yellow, which covers the least, but is still way more opaque than yellows from other aerosol paint brands. To combat the Yellow pigment opacity issues and ensure maximum coverage in general, Montana Colors designed Mega spray can colors to leave behind an extra dense layer of paint across the board. For Montana Mega yellow, two coats are enough to achieve a practically perfect yellow, but one coat with the rest of the colors in the MTN Mega line, like Magenta easily cover vibrantly in one quick coat. If you haven't tried the MTN Mega line yet, you should, as you will probably be amazed!

Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans

Beyond coverage, the 15 Montana Colors Mega spray can colors are specially chosen for their functionality in graffiti pieces. The Mega color palette offers two different shades of basic colors such as blue, green, pink, and violet, as well as one shade each of red, orange, yellow, grey and brown.

When it comes to the Montana Mega Spray Cans’ Black and white – there is also different level of performance to that of its little brother, MTN Hardcore. Again this difference is directly related to the amount of paint expelled by the higher pressure. The Mega white tends to cover more easily while the black tends to be much more agile in how it can be applied.

While the limited range of Montana Mega colors might worry some, the lack of color variety is made up by the spray paint’s smoother application. This, combined with the ability to mix and overlay the strategically designed color line really makes the Montana Mega spray paint line an extremely versatile tool for any writer or artist.


Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans and spray caps

How Montana Mega 600ml Spray Cans Work With Various Spray Caps

This overview would not be complete without the necessary spray cap test. We tested a solid range of different caps to help illustrate the difference that the Mega Colors pressure difference produces per spray cap. Generally with caps such as: Skinny Universal, Transversal or Pocket Cap, the performance is equal to that of a MTN Hardcore spray can, but approximately 1 cm thicker in line width. The following three caps we tested are worth exploring in more detail.

Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans with Hardcore Fat Spray Cap

MTN Hardcore Fat Spray Cap

You can already imagine how these cans operate with the fattest cap on the market. To put it simply: devastating. The spray result is extraordinarily wide with the ability to get up to 20 cm in width. Large flares can be done with this cap in a flash. It’s worth it to note that if you are going to use this cap on MTN Mega spray cans for tags, just make sure you have a large enough space to fit it!

Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans with MTN Lego Fat Cap

Lego Spray Cap

The "NYC" yellow Lego Spray Cap creates a strange effect with Mega Colors cans. The results are a very well defined line on the edges but as you move further away from the wall, it leaves a visible gap on the inside. The combination of Lego Spray Cap and Mega Spray Can makes it great fun for doing tags with easily controllable flares or flash effects.

Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans with needle Spray Cap

Needle Spray Cap

With this spray paint cap the Mega Colors pressure produces an extreme effect. The spray paint is projected with an immense amount of force, throwing paint up to, or over distances of 1 meter! That’s an unreal distance for any can and cap combination not designed to do that (see below!).

Montana Colors Mega 600ml Spray Cans with Needle Spray Cap



In short, Montana Colors Mega 600ml spray cans are an aerosol paint option that offers way more advantages than disadvantages in most cases. We wouldn’t recommend it for outlines and detailed sketches, but if you need to cover large areas in a short period of time without losing precision, this is what this spray can was designed for!

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