A Brief Guide to Montana Colors Pocket Cans

At one time in the past, the pocket sized spray can was a novelty.  Montana Colors was the first to introduce it, but not because they felt it was a novelty but because they saw a real use for a smaller can.  You may not realize it but the MTN Colors Pocket Can is an integral tool in both the graffiti and fine artist tool set!

Montana Colors Pocket Cans in All Colors

Montana Pocket Spray Cans Basics

Before we get into why you need Montana Pocket Cans in your art arsenal, let’s take a look at the cans themselves and their features of the MTN Pocket spray can family.  First and foremost the current family of Montana Pocket Cans is only 6 colors deep, but these are 6 VERY key colors. Currently it includes: White, Black, Silver Chrome, Light Red, Light Yellow and Light Blue - basically your primary colors plus black, white and silver.  

The cans themselves are all high pressure like Montana Hardcore cans but unlike MTN Hardcore Paint your MTN pocket cans spray a matte finish paint. Always being the leader, Montana Colors was the first to increase the capacity of their pocket cans from 100ml to 150 ml, after which the competition then updated and copied their pocket cans to the same size.

When we look at the Montana Colors pocket can valve, it is also the same variable valve that you find in the MTN hardcore cans. Unlike other brands, this gives you more control over your paint application than you would think.  It also means you can feel comfortable using a wider range of spray caps with MTN pocket cans.


MTN Pocket Spray Cans for Graffiti Artists and Fine Artists

How to Properly Store Your Montana Pocket Spray Cans

Just like any other spray can, you need to properly care for your Pocket Cans to ensure that they perform when needed. You don’t want to store them anyplace that gets too hot or cold.  Depending on your climate, normally a garage is fine, or inside any storage area that does not get excessively hot or cold (below freezing). We recommend storing the cans with their spray caps up and the base facing down to ensure that as it rests over time proper settling occurs, though there is no harm in storing on its side or an angle if it occurs.

Aside from maintain proper pocket can storage, you should always clear your valves after you are finished using your MTN pocket spray can if there is still paint left inside.  You do this by turning the can upside down with the spray cap on it and spraying until it sprays out clear. This clears the valve and tube and helps prevent paint from drying in the mechanism.  You also should consider removing your spray caps from the can after clearing the valve - this is just another way to ensure that paint does not get trapped in the mechanism and stop it from working in the future.

As with all spray cans if your Montana Colors pocket can has been sitting for awhile, you should shake it for a couple of minutes before using it. If you are planning on hitting spots in public, many artists prefer to shake the can before leaving their storage location to ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed.  If you do not shake it well before using it, like other spray cans, your pocket can could clog with the first spray and be good as done!


MTN Pocket Spray Cans for Graffiti Artists and Fine Artists

Montana Pocket Cans for the Graffiti Artist

It is pretty obvious that one of the key features that is attractive about MTN Colors Pocket Cans to graffiti artists is its small size.  Because these cans are a smaller “pocket” size, they are easier for graffiti artists to conceal. While it may not make sense when you are on  a mission with a crate, bag or backpack full of spray paint, they do come in handy on a day to day basis. If you are looking to catch spots or have a spray can handy for a “just in case” situation - this is the spray can for you.  Not only is it lightweight, easy to conceal, but because of the quality of the paint, valve, pressure and stock spray cap - it is guaranteed to almost never fail (with proper care and storage). In fact the size is so convenient, many times graffiti artists carry multiple colors with them in addition to Markers, stickers etc.


MTN Pocket Spray Cans for Graffiti Artists and Fine Artists

Montana Pocket Cans for Street Artists & Fine Artists

Even though our first love is graffiti and graffiti culture, we have a bigger love of all art.  For that reason Montana Colors did not design their pocket cans just for graffiti artists. You can tell by their care of including a variable pressure valve and by increasing the paint to 150ml it actually became useful in more than just quick hits.

As a fine artist, at times there are details and line work that need a steady hand.  One of the hurdles of maintaining a steady hand is the weight of a normal spray can - especially after a long day of painting.  This is where MTN pocket can excels. If you are working with Black or white - or any of the basic colors noted above, the pocket can is IDEAL for long and more tedious detail applications and line work.  Due to its lighter size, its variable pressure valve allowing maximum control AND the pocket can’s ability to work well will ultra thin caps - you have the perfect detail tool. Your smaller can size also makes it easier to control and get even more specific angles than a normal 400ml spray can.  While you may not need the entire color range in your studio, it is always handy to have a couple of black and white cans around given how often they are usually used!


Recommended spray caps for Montana Colors Pocket Spray Cans

Recommended Spray Caps for Montana Pocket Cans

As far as which spray caps to use with you Montana Colors Pocket Can, we recommend - well all MTN spray caps. Everything from the Hardcore Fat, Astro Ultra Fat Cap to skinny grey and universal spray caps works well with Montana Pocket Cans.  The key to picking your cap is the same as all other spray cans, and that is what your ultimate application will be with the spray can.

You can now see that Montana Pocket Cans are a handy multi-use tool.  Whether you are painting canvases, catching tags, working on handstyles or finishing a details street mural, you should consider adding it to your artistic toolset if you haven’t already.

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