A Brief Guide to Ernest Zacharevic Art and Career

The title starving artist is becoming less of a threat to a culture so saturated by the internet and the power of social media. It is in this ocean of information that the art community has erupted, raising up talented youths and exposing venerated elders who produce works that stand the test of time and feed the appetite of art lovers all over the world. It makes sense then that it is someone who can capture the heart of these peoples that will climb the ladder of success.

Edward Zacharevic x Martha Cooper x Jamie Rojo Mural installation

Such is the tale of Ernest Zacharevic, the Lithuanian-born street artist whose imaginative use of graffiti art with traditional art hoisted him to critical acclaim. Yet Zacharevic with his famous mural art is not simply another example of an overpaid, self-proclaimed artist who dribbles paint all over a canvas and calls it a vision. ZACH is an artist who uses his work as a platform to challenge viewers and raise social thought. If you took away the fame from the man, but left the cultural memorials that excite his audiences, he would still be content. That is the definition of an artist. That is the definition of Ernest Zacharevic Art.


Edward Zacharevic - Georgetown Street Mural Installation

The beginnings of Ernest Zacharevic Art

Ernest Zacharevic began like every artist does, with a pencil and a paper and an imagination. His love for art grew from his earliest years, nurtured by a supportive family who encouraged his desire to turn hobby into passion into income. ZACH’s thirst for the unconventional manifested itself early on when he found his art school too rigid, and instead moved to London where he embraced the emphasis on conceptualism taught in his new classes. This love for the actual idea a work of art conveys mixed with its composition and structure would later shape his street art. It is this imagination that prepared Ernest Zacharevic Art to explode upon the graffiti scene.


Edward Zacharevic - Mural in Penang, Malaysia

Zacharevic’s Breakthrough

The more we delve into Ernest Zacharevic, the more we see the creative energy focused within the man, and how this led to the beginning of Ernest Zacharevic Art creations. Zach’s initial fame came after the George Town festival in Penang, Malaysia. He created six individual mural art pieces on the walls of the city, using inspiration in the form of combining artwork with real-time objects such as his children with a bicycle, as seen in the  . This piece would become one of his most famous, and, along with the other installations in Penang, would catapult the young star to fame.

Edward Zacharevic - Kid mural in Penang, Malaysia

The streets of this Malaysian town would sustain almost unbearable foot traffic from viewers having their picture taken with the Ernest Zacharevic art. In fact, ZACH was nicknamed the Malaysian “Banksy” after this festival due to his widespread popularity and similar style. People were starting to seek out new works by Ernest Zacharevic Street Art. Penang would go on to be the center for his very first gallery opening, “Art Is Rubbish Is Art”. Since then, he has gone on to open numerous galleries and install a large amount of street art in various cities.


 Edward Zacharevic - Mural in Medan Indonesia

Ernest Zacharevic’s Sphere of Influence

The artist was born in Lithuania and rose to prominence in Malaysia, but his influence is far felt. After Ernest Zacharevic art in Penang catapulted him to prominence, the artist opened another show called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in Barcelona, diversifying his audience and spreading his wings. Not only was this gallery opening his first exposure to a European nation, the experience gave the artist a chance to show his definite style on a variety of surfaces other than street walls.

Edward Zacharevic - Singapore Mural Installation

Eventually, the influence of Ernest Zacharevic would be felt in the United States where he agreed to collaborate for Replay. In this project, Zacharevic and Martha Cooper chose images for mural art instillations in New York City that would provoke a flashback to earlier times in the city. Another of the artist’s meaningful contributions was to the , which sought to use art to enrich the lives of convicted youths. With endeavors such as these, Ernest Zacharevic stands apart from the rest of the world as someone who uses his platform to point out social concerns and raise awareness.


Edward Zacharevic Mural inspirations around the world

Inspiration Behind Ernest Zacharevic Art

Many people love to see the new works by Ernest Zacharevic Street Art, yet many don’t think of the creative process behind it. Zach himself states that the murals are simply spontaneous, creative ideas conveying some form of meaning which are fleshed out by the pictures he takes of real-world people and translates onto the urban sites that he feels would be perfect for a display. The artist keeps his own private Ernest Zacharevic photo gallery from which he pulls from for inspiration for his works. In fact, it was his first trip to Malaysia and the many photos he took as he connected with the people and culture that would inspire his original six-piece installation for the Penang festival.

Edward Zacharevic Chairs Mural

AThe laughter or solemnity that is captured by his camera provides the authentic feel of his work. It seems to be his passion to take the ordinary people he meets, the innocent children he laughs with, and immortalize them on a busy urban street, where they can convey life’s simple joys to his audience. He tells their story. And the viewer who happens to see Ernest Zacharevic art on a street is presented with both a delightful image and a challenging concept. And is not that the true purpose of art?


Edward Zacharevic No Fly Zone print release

Zach’s Artistic Future

Zacharevic continues his commitment to make a difference with his art. His projects of late have been a little outside of his usual realm, displaying the creator’s willingness to challenge the norm. The collaboration of Ernest Zacharevic Art with Splash and Burn has allowed the artist to continue his legacy of publicly displaying art with meaning while combining with the company’s initiative of using art to expose ecological needs and concerns.

Edward Zacharevic Large scale mural installation

Zach has even gone farther, hosting his very own Ted talk which addresses art as “the vehicle for informing wider consciousness,” perhaps the mission statement of Ernest Zacharevic Art. During his segment, he reiterates his commitment to the community to provoke a response and thought into what his artwork is trying to convey. He even states that he is encouraged by graffiti damage done to his pieces as he sees any response as welcome. Zach’s latest show has been as a part of  , and it appears the artist is not slowing down, not only in displaying his mural art and graffiti art in shows such as these, but also in inventing new ways to touch lives.


The world is excited and ready for more contributors such as Ernest Zacharevic. Perhaps, that is why he has become such a sensation. The viewers can feel his sympathy, understand his care, and connect with his thoughtful pieces in a way that they otherwise couldn’t. His future is bright, and I personally will be looking to see what comes next.







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