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Pemex Party Pack


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That's right folks! SprayPlanet has teamed up with graffiti's very own self-made superstar! PEMEX hand-picked this assorted Montana Colors combination pack just for YOU. These are some of the go-to essentials that PEMEX grabs before heading out to stunt on the town! PLUS there's plenty of markers included in this pack to get your handstyles down tight! Don't sleep!  

Pemex Party Pack includes:

1 x HARDCORE Chrome Silver
1 x HARDCORE Light Blue
1 x HARDCORE Mojito Green
1 x HARDCORE Costeau Blue
1 x 94 White 
1 x NITRO2G Black 500mL .40
1 x MadMaxxx Black .42
1 x MadMaxxx Silver
1 x Sakura White
1 x Sakura Orange
1 x PX-30 Black
1 x PX-30 Silver
1 x 1000mL Street Ink Refill Black 1
10 x Astro Fat caps
10 x NY Fat caps .20