MTN PRO Multi Purpose Oil

Brand: Montana Colors

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The MTN PRO Multipurpose oil is an oil spray of highly lubricating and penetrating properties, achieving spectacular results in unlocking seized parts. Softens joints and eliminates noise.

It is an excellent product against moisture displacement. Being dielectric, it is capable of eliminating moisture-proof short circuits and helps to start wet motors. 

It is recommended for the general lubrication of any mechanism: locks, hinges, garden tools, etc.
It also serves as an unblocking of nuts, screws, and mechanisms seized by dirt and disuse, being very useful for both household DIY as in the workshop or for outdoor activities. 

It is an essential product in the industry in general; shipping companies, mechanical workshops, in construction to lubricate spring rules, cables, struts, etc.

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Best Grime remover on the market

I've used other anti-seize lubricants including that of seafoam and kroil but this one has so far been better than of those. Immediately removing grit and grime from my tools and knives. I can't speak on the longevity of it as a lubricant but as an anti-seize solution it's already better than most at only a 1/3rd of the cost. Only complaint is it smells like pepto bismol not devastating to the product but just odd. Overall 10/10. Buy this stuff if you can a little goes a long way. Easily will last someone 3 or 4 years for a single can with average use.