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LE Spray Can

SABER is one of the most recognized names in Graffiti history. At age 21 he rose to international fame after painting the world's largest graffiti piece on the bank of the Los Angeles River. The piece was so iconic of Los Angeles and graffiti in general that eight year after the fact, the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History commissioned him to paint a miniature version of his piece on its riverbed diorama. His legendary piece was documented from every angle - even from satellites in space! SABER has continued to stay creatively active over the years, never tiring of building and growing as an artist. From streets to canvas to almost any painting medium and surface, SABER has made an indelible mark on art, graffiti and culture. Today SABER's work still borrows from elements, techniques and materials he once used for painting in the LA river with a focus on exploring movement and energy.

*Limit 2 cans per customer.

  • MTN 94 Spray Paint
  • 400ml size
  • Low Pressure can
  • Comes with a pocket cap