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LE Spray Can

Around 1981, the word Muelle began to appear on the walls of Madrid. They were the work of Juan Carlos Argüello, a young resident of the Campamento neighborhood who was tagging alone in the early 80s, apparently unaware that it was even called graffiti. Soon, many other young people decided to imitate him, establishing the first generation of writers in Madrid. Because of this fact and many other merits, Muelle became a famous and highly respected character during the period of the Movida Madrileña until his death at the age of 29. 

His legacy has been kept alive to this day, confirming his status as a pioneer of Spanish graffiti and an icon of the fletchers, the writers who used the native Madrid style prior to the arrival of the New York influence.

In memory of Juan Carlos Argüello.
Madrid, September 23, 1965 - July 1, 1995.

*Limit 2 cans per customer.

  MTN 94 Spray Paint
- 400ml.
- Low Pressure can
- Comes with a pocket cap