Gel MTN 100ml

MTN Gel Hand Cleanser

Brand: Montana Colors

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MTN Gel is a high-performance hand cleanser, specially formulated to remove the most difficult stains such as polyurethane paint, primers, resins, and adhesives. This product does not contain solvents or aggressive components such as hydrocarbons, so it is exempt from ADR regulations.

It also contains skin conditioners, such as lanolin and glycerin among others, as well as plumite, which increases its cleansing potential. MTN Gel can be used without risking irritation, allowing for immediate cleansing. This product is formulated with select components, making it a top quality skin cream with a high emulsifying capacity that effectively cleans hands.

- Water-based technology
- Viscous greyish lotion
- Does not irritate the skin
- Does not contain solvents

100ml, 3.3 Oz.