MTN 94
Greyscale 12 Pack


Life isn't just black and white; There are different shades of grey. The Montana Colors 94 Greyscale Pack demonstrates just that! Made up of 1 of each of our grey shades from our MTN 94 paint line, this is perfect for those just getting into aerosol art or the advanced pro who really knows how to throw down. Ideal for shading and/or portraits.

Pack Includes: 

1 x 94 Black
1 x 94 White
1 x 94 Transparent Black
1 x Metropolis Grey
1 x Anthracite Grey
1 x Icarus Grey
1 x Wolf Grey
1 x London Grey
1 x Pearl Grey
1 x Rita Grey
1 x Siberia Grey
1 x Stardust Grey