February Means TAX RETURN season.  While it may be politics as usual in D.C. - consider putting your refund towards making a statement... OR just enter our MTN INDECLINE Giveaway!  Spray Planet has teamed up with one of our favorite political art collectives: INDECLINE to give you a chance to win some stickers, tools and supplies to help you on your next political, social or artistic statement!

1st place

ONE LUCKY WINNER will win one INDECLINE Legalize Crime Side Bag to carry the MTN HUGE PACK they won!  This gives you a heavy duty over the shoulder pack to carry markers, MTN 94, Hardcore, Maximo, Mega, Mops, markers and Spray caps.  Basically the BEST of both worlds!!

2nd place

ONE LUCKY WINNER will win an INDECLINE RIOT stick (for those sticky situations) as well as Spray Planet's Mega Colors Power 600ml 12 Pack!  This gives you a handy defensive weapon to carry while you blast away with every MTN Mega spray paint color there is!

3rd place

THREE WINNERS will win ONE (1) INDECLINE Sticker pack PLUS ONE (1) Spray Planet Handstyle Intermediate Pack!  This gives you a mess of stickers to post or trade and the BEST street markers and a pack WTF Eggshell stickers to create your own slaps!  

Multiple ways to enter! No purchase Necessary!  The more ways you enter, the BETTER your chance of winning!  Choose any or all of the five ways below to enter Spray Planet's MTN INDECLINE Giveaway!
Just make sure that you follow all through the contest app above - except for making a purchase which are tracked separately!

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