What Are SP x MTN Artist Collabs?

SP x MTN Artist Collabs were created in an effort to not only showcase artists we love,
but to create highly unique custom releases in the collaborating artist's vision. 

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Spray Planet and Montana Colors have launched their exclusive (on Sprayplanet.com only) artist collaboration project with world famous artist SKINNER. With the initial release SKINNER put together a custom one-of-a-kind, MTN Colors inspired work in his well known unique style.

We are proud to launch a program designed to not only highlight artists' works but provide another creative outlet. All releases are limited edition and once the run is complete, it will not be brought back.

Now available for purchase to Continental USA customers!


Learn More About CES

CES Sample Gallery

CES is one of the originators / innovators of graffiti.  Borkn in 1970 he has continually grew and pushed his style to create some of the most iconic graffiti styles that writers around the world use as inspiration.  A Bronxy native, CES is the epitome of New York Graffiti. From pioneering wildstyle subway car burners, to hitting panel trucks, crazy handstyles and the cleanest of throwies - CES has easily earned his place in the Graffiti Hall of Fame.  His work today still maintains a graffiti focus while continuing to push creative boundaries even after decades in the game. It was only natural that a collab between CES and his favorite paint Montana Colors was bound to happen.

Spray Planet's 11 Questions With CES Interview

Spray Planet caught up with CES to get into the nitty gritty of life, influences, art and well alot of things! Learn more about CES' background, what keeps him motivated and upcoming shows and projects he has happening.


Why Artist Collabs?

Spray Planet and Montana Colors developed the Artist Collabs program as a way to not only connect fans of artists with limited edition releases, but to provide another way in which fans can support their favorite artists.  Given our history of developing the highest caliber of spray paint, markers and  artist materials and the fact Montana Colors and Spray Planet work so closely with so many artists - this program was a natural fit!  We are focused on collaborations that create the highest quality products in each artist's own vision - from apparel, to accessories to limited runs and more.  

Past Collabs

Still in its infancy, Spray Planet has embarked on its second collaboration dropping at the END OF AUGUST, 2020! 
After the HUGE success of our ACHES DUB drop in May, we wanted to maintain that same HIGH level collaboration.
We are SUPER excited for drop number two! STAY TUNED!


Released: May 2020


Released: September 2020