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Limited MTN
4/20 Shirt &
Poster Combo


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Limited Edition MTN 4/20 T-Shirt+ Poster Combo

Happy 4/20!  Instead of going the full weed paraphanalia route this year, we put together a SUPER limited edition Tee Shirt and poster combo based on a vintage 1930's anti-marijuana ad, but with a Montana Colors twist!  The limited edition t-shirt is high quality soft cotton fitted cream colored tee with detailed design and MTN bola tag.  The Limited Edition traditional offset printed poster is our MTN version of the OG anti-marijuana poster. On a high quality paper stock, the design is printed edge to edge.  

This special combo won't last long, so make sure you order yours before they sell out!

Also available in limited quantities at: MTN Shop LA, MTN Shop NYC and MTN Shop Miami.

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