MTN PRO Color Spray Paint

The MTN PRO Paint Color is a spray painting composed of acrylic resins and high-quality pigments, as well as stabilizing additives that provide a flawless finish.
These colors are based on the Classic RAL System. RAL colors are used for information defining standard colors for varnish, powder coating, and plastics. It is the most popular Central European color standard used today.

Due to the characteristics of the product, its use is efficient on multiple surfaces: wood, metal, steel, stainless, glass, plaster, ceramic, stone, hard plastic, etc.

-Fast-drying -Good hardening -Excellent flexibility -Great scratch resistance once the film is polymerized -Excellent adherence -It does not contain lead or other heavy metals -Good covering power. -Durability of brightness and color. -Easy to apply and repaint -UV resistance -Resistance to high temperatures


$ 8.20


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Matte Black (RAL9005) $ 8.20
Satin Black (RAL9005) $ 8.20
Matte White (RAL9010) $ 8.20
Satin White (RAL9010) $ 8.20
Oyster White (RAL1013) $ 8.20
Light Ivory (RAL1015) $ 8.20
Sulfur Yellow (RAL1016) $ 8.20
Traffic Yellow (RAL1023) $ 8.20
Light Yellow (RAL1021) $ 8.20
Mellon Yellow (RAL1028) $ 8.20
Beige (RAL1001) $ 8.20