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MTN Water Based
300mL 48 Pack

WB300 48 Pack

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You know what they say: "Go big or go home!" This enormous 48-color pack of MTN Waterbase is about as big as it gets. If you're really looking to handle a large-scale project or just beef up your stacks of paint in the studio this is definitely the way to go!

Pack includes:

Turquoise Green 
Emerald Green 
Emerald Green Deep 
Dioxazine Purple Light 
Dioxazine Purple Deep 
Brilliant Yellow Green Deep 
Brilliant Yellow Green 
Black Semitransparent 
White Semitransparent 
Cadmium Yellow Light 
Cadmium Yellow Medium 
Azo Yellow Deep 
Naphtol Red 
Cerulean Blue 
Naples Yellow 
Raw Umber 
Raw Umber Deep 
Phthalo Green Blue 
Blue Green 
Blue Green Dark 
Prussian Blue 
Primary Blue 
Primary Blue Pale 
Primary Blue Dark 
Red Violet 
Red Violet Deep 
Blue-Violet Light 
Blue Violet Dark 
Blue Violet Deep 
Azo Orange Pale 
Azo Orange 
Azo Orange Deep 
Quinacridone Magenta 
Quinacridone Rose 
Warm Grey Pale 
Neutral Grey 
Neutral Grey Deep 
Raw Sienna 
Grey Green Light 
Grey Green Dark 
Grey Green Deep 
Fluorescent Fuchsia 
Fluorescent Yellow 
Fluorescent Red